iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

Bought these last time they were on woot. Charger is nice and works well and the batteries do hold a charge as long as alkaline. You can leave them in stuff like remotes and not have to worry about the drain over time.

A warning though, one of my batteries from iGo exploded while in a wiimote. Never had a battery explode on me before so may have been a law of averages thing but just a heads up.

Are these really 1.5 volt or are they 1.2 like most rechargeable?

Retail: $24.99

Woot: $19.99
Woot Shipping: $5.00
Woot Total: $24.99

Let the savings begin…

does that include the extra 8 battries that you get with the woot deal? Never mind answered my own question. Hmm no it doesn’t. U fail

I was surprised to see that there is no mAh ratings listed here or on iGo’s website.

Looks like iGo’s AAs are rated at 2000mAh which is pretty good compared to my expensive Energizer NiMH AAs rated at 2500mAh. My cheaper Rayovac’s are only 1800mAh (1600mAh for the older model).

iGo’s AAAs is rated at 800mAh vs Energizer’s at 850mAh.

Timely deal: many experts recommend changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when you “spring forward” and “fall back.”

Don’t most smoke detectors use a 9v?

These are Alkaline rechargeables, not Nickel-Metal Hydride. They have advantages, in that they don’t self-discharge like NiMH do, but their lifespans are rapidly depleted if you discharge them more than 50% of their capacity. It’s best to only use 25% of them at most before recharging to get your maximum number of recharges out of them.

You should use these in low-drain gadgets like remote controls, and set a reminder to recharge them every month or so even if you’d expect them to last six months or so normally. They’ll last far longer.

Of course if you want to use them like regular Alkaline batteries and use them until they are drained, just realize you’re only going to get a few charges out of them. Nickel-Metal Hydride are better for things that draw a lot of power and don’t need to sit ready in a drawer for a long period of time.

not to mention buying more that one!

Still $19.99. Last woots:


Good night

12 AA Rechargeable Batteries -perfect for yesterdays Woot! Anywhere LED Night Lights, 3-Pack -each light uses 4AA.
Thanks Woot!


Which is it?

You get 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries. I think the first bullet you quoted is from old copy when they listed the charger separate from the package of extra batteries. I’ll send it in for fixing in the morning. I’m not gonna get poor Eric out of bed for that.

EDIT: I mean the 2nd one quotes. My bad.

The title of it is 12 AA & 4AA, the second quote is from the description.

Thanks for clarifying!

I ordered these before via woot! Let me tell you, they suck. They won’t hold a charge if you actually use the device they are in. Sure, if you stick them in something you never use they may last… I suggest avoiding them, they just aren’t worth the $$.

I agree, I bought some of these because I love my magic mouse but it eats batteries like candy, and they only lasted through a couple charge cycles. I’ll wait for a Duracell set, my Duracell rechargeables work great.

From the 8AA and 8AAA I’ve gotten, 1 of each won’t hold a charge, but the others seem to work well. Pretty good for wiimotes. Less good for my bike light, but even so, gets the job done and I haven’t bought batteries in a couple months.

Was very suspicious of that info being absent, where did you end up finding it?

…enough negatives for me. I’ll wait as well. Thanks.