iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

I’ve been using Eneloop low discharge rechargables since they first hit the market, and love 'em.

They hold 80% of their charge after sitting in a drawer for a year and can be recharged 1500 times. Much greener than Igo’s

If Woot! will put Eneloops up, I’ll buy a bunch of 'em. But I’ll pass o these.

I bought a couple batches of these - with the smaller igo only chargers. AA and AAA. I’ve had very good luck with them. Wife uses them in here digital recorder for recording lectures - that puppy used to eat alkalines for lunch. She just swaps at the end of each day now, and does not worry about them running out. my GPS. remotes. I don’t use them in flashes and things - it is not what they were designed for. Nice they added a mixed-mode charger.

I like the charger, well worth the price. I replaced my old $60 smart charger, with three of these. The old one was too picky about which batteries it would charge, and which it rejected. I’d occasionally have to pull out a cheap charger, to get them started. The IGO charger, if it refuses, the battery is really dead.

These chargers, are slow chargers, not battery cookers. Definitely a good thing for NiMH batteries. Only thing missing, is a discharge cycle.

The alkaline batteries I’ve gotten, and used, haven’t fail yet. No leaking batteries, and still functioning. Regular alkalines, that I’ve experimented with, do eventually leak, after 4-5 charges. The Kodak batteries bought on Woot, are the worst offenders. Pretty much stopped using the regulars, since I’ve got so many of the IGO batteries now.

These are 1.5 volt batteries, and I have a few devices that don’t last with 1.2 NiMH. These work great in my Metal Detector, which takes 8 AA.

The charger is a great buy, the batteries are a decent bonus, although I haven’t had to throw any out yet, and been using them since last spring. You will save money, if you been buying alkaline.

Amazon is currently flogging the *iGo Family-Style 8-Position Charger with 4 “AA” and 4 “AAA” Batteries * for under $23.

I bought a bunch of these last time they were on woot! and they were helpful during Hurricane Sandy, but I found that the casing the batteries use are thicker than average battery casings and they were much tighter than normal in things like flashlights where the batteries have to slide in. Also, they did NOT come pre-charged, despite what the box said. I had to recharge them all before they were even remotely functional.

Now, don’t get me wrong - I love the idea of rechargeables, and I bought a set of these not too long ago (still unopened).

But if they’re so good, how come they’re getting clearanced so heavily?

Yeah, and besides that- I would never trust a rechargeable in a smoke detector.

I also agree. They are OK for remotes, but that’s about it. They’re not strong enough for a battery toothbrush. Also, I went to swap some out in the recharger (which wasn’t plugged in), and found that one of the batteries had leaked, ruining the charger. Save your money.

Would these be good in a cordless phone? I have some old cordless phones that take AA and have their own charging stand. Would I run any risk charging these with another charger? I also need some AA for cheap outdoor solar lights but it sounds like these are definitely not recommended as they would run the batteries down completely every night?

Does anyone know if this charger will also charge powergenix nizn batteries?

I have a bunch of these, use 'em for stuff that sits around a while, unused (e.g. flashlights, night vision goggles, etc.)
Only problem: I have plenty of AA’s, but I’d like to get more AAA’s. Where can I just get me some AAA’s?

Is the charger considered a “smart” charger, in that it charges each battery individually?

Bought these last time they were on W00t! and they are excellent. For rechargable alkalines I haven’t used anything better…

They ARE alkalines though so don’t expect them to do much better than normal AA’s in high drain devices like cameras, etc.

They are great for kids toys, remote controls, weather stations/remote sensors, etc…

Quit pondering and order 'em up if you need ALKALINE batteries.

Because they are failed technology. Ten years ago or more I had a nationally syndicted radio computer show and some big battery company sent me these. This was back when NiMh cells were not around much, just Ni-Cads for consumers.

The trick was that, with each charging cycle, these would hold LESS power! So, after perhaps 20 cycles, they would be dead. I suspect those who say they are great haven’t had them for very long.

Major FLOP in the market and I am surprised that any are still made. Perhaps they are sold in third-world markets where other cells cost too much.

Buy eneloop technology and use a good charger (La Crosse Technologies makes a nice one).

According to the review on Amazon.com it will charge batteries individually, but that doesn’t make it a smart charger.

I’ve had the same experience with my magic mouse. Out of the box, pre-charged the batteries work great and do last a couple of weeks before needing a charge. But after that, battery life before needing a new charge is not very good.

Save your money for another Woot item.

is the charger international i.e 220V

No. These MUST be charged only in the charger they came with. The charger can charge other batteries but the batteries themselves must use the I-Go charger.

Like last time, the Woot price comparison is incorrect.

This deal is for a charger with 4 AA and 4AAA batteries, and for 8 additional AA batteries. The list price for the charger with 4AA and 4AAA batteries is $24.99, while the list price for 8 AA batteries is $12.99. Thus, the list price for the total deal is $37.98, giving a Woot savings of 47%, not 20%

I had a Duracell coppertop explode while in a headlamp. Thankfully the battery pack is mounted on the rear of the headstrap at the back of the head. Gave me a real good scare.

Law of averages, indeed.