iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

The write-up description story is so naughty. You are naughty, woot, so naughty :B

“Same 1.5 volts as disposable alkalines”

Isn’t NiMH 1.2V? I realize that alkaline batteries drop in voltage as they are discharged though and NiMH holds steady


Third time I’ve seen this deal on Woot, second time (after buying the first time) that I’m recommending it :wink: 12 AA batteries themselves are expensive, so rechargeable ones with some AAA are extra nice.

I keep hearing they don’t work well in very demanding devices and whatnot, I guess like high-power cameras? I use mine in Xbox controllers and they work wonders, so yeah.

Yes n both counts, so if you have a weird device that needs more than an NiMH battery provides then this will work, but only for half or less of its charge.

I don’t have anything that won’t work with NiMH batteries.

The description is priceless! Priceless, I tell ya


Looks like somebody got carte blanche to write whatever description they wanted to about these things. That or the head copy editor is out with a bad flu.

Dont waste your money the charge only holds for about 20 pics in my digital camera yea its only $20.00 but save it or send me the $20.00 its a piece of junk

The AAA were unusually wide, too wide for my TIVO remote.

I think you just explained why I’m not having great luck in my Flashlights… they work fine for a while but then just go to nothing.(Enveloops)

Eneloops are NiMH and should maintain steady voltage. It’s alkaline batteries that drop voltage as they discharge.

If they worked well with Mac wireless keyboard and mouse I would be all over these…

Bought 3 last time offered, got 3 more this time. That almost takes care of christmas gifts for family. If woot would next offer the Energizer Weather Ready flashlight ($9.99), my shopping would be 3/4 complete!

When I radio reviewed a (quickly discontinued) brand name version of these 12 years ago on my show, it was pointed out that each time they are recharged, the capacity drops a certain percentage.

If I recall correctly, they are shot after 25 charges, and at about 12 charges, they only held 50% of their capacity.

Perhaps a Wooter who has had these for a while can update us on this?

I’ve bought 3 rounds of these from woot - the last time was this same set with the larger charger. I’m not going to get a sciency on you, but they have worked well for everything I’ve used them for. I quite like that the hold the charge, whereas my experience with nimh is they are dead in a couple weeks, used or not. We’ve has some of these over a year an no real issues. Lots of charges. For the price you’re even after just a few uses.

They die very quickly and then they leak. Had to throw out 8 AAA batteries after 2 months of use.

How about iGo and get a real charger and batteries.

Okay, so what about the charger. Can I use it with other batteries?