iGo Charger with 12 AA & 8 AAA Batteries

**Item: **iGo Charger with 12 AA & 8 AAA Batteries
Price: $15.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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I have these, they are ok, but eneloops are far better, and worth the money. I will only buy eneloops now.

I think most will agree eneloops are a better battery, but this is a great deal.

Wish I could just buy the AAAs. I have rechargeable AAs coming out my ears.

Hmm, RAM batteries? Great for stored shelf life, bad for recharge cycles. If you drain these past 50% or so, you’ll get less than 100 recharge cycles. Past 20% and you might only get 10-20 cycles.

Great for remote controls and such that sit around forever without much real drain, very bad for cameras and other high drain devices. Be advised.

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On another hand, I wish I could just buy AAs, because I don’t have any uses for AAAs.

My point is I would recommend NOT buying these and opting to spend a few more bucks on much better batteries.
Why waste money on an inferior product. Life is too short :wink:

I bought these a while back on Woot and they are GREAT, best rechargeables I’ve had (granted, I haven’t owned the Eneloops, but I hear they are very expensive).

I use these in my “Worktunes” headphones and each charge lasts a very long time.

This set is a great deal with all those batteries that come with it ! You can’t go wrong for the money.

Good one! That’s rich! Made me guffaw!

I bought one in the fall of 2012. The second AAA from the left never recognized a battery in there. Contacted Woot, and they sent me an additional one. Sweet, right?

Not so much. That one had the same position die. I contacted iGo. They answered me weeks later, asking for more information. I sent them that, then nothing.

I’ve called, and find that no human at iGo ever answers the phone. I don’t want to plug in two devices to do the work of one.

The batteries are also too thick to use in my Universal Remote 850s. They get stuck.

I wouldn’t touch this product, for the batteries, the charger, OR the company’s support. iGo must be in the throes of death if their support’s gotten this bad. I still have a unit under warranty, and they’re not honoring it. The failure of the same position in two units points to a manufacturing issue. Beware!

Hmmm. I bought iGos here on Woot in 2012, and my charger is still going strong.

This charger is NOT a smart charger. I had it melt one of my batteries. I was in for three, and threw all three chargers in the trash. I only use a smart charger now.
Also, I have noticed the batteries are thicker, I really have to force them into my 2-way radios I use camping.

I too bought these from woot and for the first year or so they worked nicely. Then they started leaking in the charger and one by one they’ve been dying on me. I’m sad to say I am not buying any more of these.

The AAA’s are slightly bigger than your standard energizer, and as such do not fit into the device that I specifically bought them for.

I am in the same agreement. Used to get these, but Eneloops are FAR FAR better. Spend the extra bucks-- Costco usually has them in stock for about $20.

I won’t even consider buying these unless I know the initial, rated capacity which is not included in the stats. Here’s a good comparison of the different types of rechargeable batteries, http://michaelbluejay.com/batteries/rechargeable.html.

Got these a year ago and have had good luck with them in irrigation timers and bike lights. I didn’t know not to drain them all the way so I’m in for some more batteries so I can swap them out more frequently to preserve recharge ability. I can charge my irrigation timer batteries every 6 months instead of yearly so I don’t drain them all the way.

Is the current listed on the AA battery? I would like to compare these agains one of my eneloop AA’s. Thanks.