iGo Charger with 12 AA Batteries

**Item: **iGo Charger with 12 AA Batteries
Price: $9.99
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8/1/2013 - $9.99 - 29 comment(s)

How do these compare with the Eneloop rechargeable batteries?

Its 10.99 on amazon with prime shipping…

[MOD: That’s with 4 batteries. You get 12 here.]

They don’t, honestly these batteries are not that great, but the charger is worth every penny of it, I have bought several of these deals (just for the charger), and they are the BEST chargers out there.

Batteries are better than cheap, no-name nimh or nicd rechargeable, but just barely, I have stuck to using the batteries for simple things like remotes or emergency flash lights, good charged “shelf life” but not terribly long lasting in-use.

EDIT: I should note this charger will charge a SINGLE battery at a time, unlike every other charger I have come across that needs 2 or sometimes even 4 batteries inserted to charge. It does great charging my enloop (and other) batteries quickly and safely (these are smart microprocessor controlled chargers).

Amazon only give you 4 batteries with the charger instead of 12.

Can anyone say how long it takes to fully charge batteries? I have seen ranges of 15 minutes to several hours on other chargers.

About a buck per rechargeable battery might be tempting but we’ll gladly pay around $2/battery for Eneloop NiMH rechargables. Eneloops are amazing both in terms of holding a charge on the shelf and in durability. And Eneloop is part of the Panasonic family.

BTW, while it seems a lot of folks like the charger that comes in this kit, if you have a serious cache of rechargeables, the following charger from Woot’s mom is well worth the $29. Its display reports battery health, % charged, refreshes, etc…


It depends on battery type, charging nimh is quicker than charging the included alkaline. I have never officially timed or anything, but about 1-2 hours on nimh 3-4 on the igo alkaline.

Any charger that is fully charging AA/AAA batteries in 15 minuets is probably doing severe damage to the batteries reducing their life span significantly, and probably asking for a battery fire by likely overheating them.

can this charger be used with solar panels like the foldable kind? this looks a goal zero charger which is why i ask.

I’ve bought these every time they’re on sale. I have had NO problems with them. I use them all the time! They’re perfect for small things like, toys, remote controls and things like that. You seriously can’t go wrong for $10.

Let’s check out the product page

Time to read up on the warranty

I confirm this, i have 2 of these and they work great. Can also charge AAA size and has multiple functions including a automatic refresh cycle as well as a discharge then charge option.

Any idea regarding how many mAH’s the batteries have?

Thanks for the tips guys. Finally moving out of the parents and into the big bad world of home ownership so this will give me a nice start on my own! No begging the dad for batteries for me :wink:


I agree. The charger is great. But if you discharge the batteries beyond 50%, it damages them, so they’re basically one use batteries. Toss the batteries. Then buy the next Woot Eneloop deal and toss the charger that comes with them. Then you’ll have great batteries and a great charger.

It’s a shame that these don’t come with a mixture of AAA & AA. In for two sets anyway. Does Woot ever have deals on AAA only? That seems like what I use mostly (I often see deals where it’s 8AA/4AAA and a throwaway charger).

Pros: Batteries hold their charge well. Batteries come charged. More environmentally friendly than typical rechargeable batteries.

Cons: BATTERIES ARE NOT DURABLE! I’ve had some batteries “erupt” while charging. So…watch out.