iGo Charger with Apple, Micro and Mini USB Tips

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iGo Charger with Apple, Micro and Mini USB Tips
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Condition: New

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Anyone know if these work for iPad?

Spec says output is 0.075 Amp??? That’s not enough to charge a watch battery, let alone an ipod…

does this work with Motorola Xoom?

I caught that as well. I would expect such a device to be able to output at least 1A at 5V, seeing how it can charge “three devices at once”…

i just got one so i hope it charges well

Had two from previous woots and RatShack promos. Both burnt out fairly quickly. I can almost believe the 0.075A rating, they just don’t last.


I have one of these from a previous woot. and I use it every day. You can only charge one device at a time the tips are interchangeable.

I won’t say the build quality is awesome but it is serviceable. I have the car charger version and the wall outlet version both. I charge a Samsung moment, Ipod touch, Ipod nano (the small square generation) and a Xoom with it. No problems yet.

Been waiting for these to show up again…got three more. I use the one I have all the time. Works great for people who have multiple things that use different chargers.

I’ve been using the car charger version for at least 6 years now. It’s still working great! In for 3 wall chargers.

Product page on the iGo website.

is the mini usb the standard tip used for newer blackberry and the EVO?

Negative on the iPad, Ghost Rider.

Well I only have one phone soooo

Definitely not, first the Xoom charges through a very small pin plug and will not charge through the USB port. iGo currently does not have this particular plug. Also, you need at least a 1.5 amp charger for the Xoom, this doesn’t generate enough amperage.

any one know if a roombus has come up yet?

My guess is that it’s 0.75 amp.

in f0h threeee

I don’t see how the amperage relates to how long these would last. Please explain.

I’m pretty sure they use micro USB, but this has that tip too so you are covered either way.