iGo EveryWhere Power 15 Universal Power Adapter



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iGo EveryWhere Power 15 Universal Power Adapter
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iGo EveryWhere Power 15 PS0223-12


Nice woot! I need one of these!


Never even seen this. I’m stumped, and don’t know what to say…


Any idea if it’ll power up laptops too?


This looks like a really neat thing. ANyone have much experience with this product?


O this is perfect for my trip to the UK next week. THANX WOOT!


$5 for each connector? They should at least give you one or two (of your choice) for free…

@BillyP: at a maximum of 15W, I doubt it will power your laptop.


Unless this does somthing i dont understand, it seems horrible


This has DC Input: 11.75 – 30 VDC so it can be powered in the car or on the air-plane ??? Please advice if you have one.

50 BUCKS ON Amazon.com.

Amazon link


How does this work exactly?


Interesting…never seen one of these before…any advice?


lame, sux, yuk, Spend 5 bucks per power charger? My phone/pda/ipod isn’t worth that mch to me.


Do people still think they are clever with ‘i’ in front of their product name? Bah…


bootleg. its a good idea, but it costs 5-10$ for any adaptor you need. thanks but ill just take the cords i need.

people get beat


its a nice peice, “BUT” only an ipod tip?!?!?!


I’ve got one, awesome thing OK price thouigh


It’s only a 15w supply…I doubt it will power any laptop LOL.



Froogle Link

Looks like you can get it essentially for the same price on provantage ($36.51).

The tips being cheaper could be really nice though.


89.00 at skymall http://www.skymall.com/webapp/skystore?process=prodDisplay&action=&pid=102091196&partner=M53

Only if they had this on the Hardy Boys!!!