iGo Laptop Travel Adapter

If only this was 120w so it would work with my HP HDX 18… oh well.

Got pretty bad reviews on amazon which is selling it for $48

honestly these suck, yes they will charge your laptop BUT in order to do so you have to press the button on the top. then when it thinks your battery is full it SHUTS OFF! so if your laptop is still on after it hits full charge this will not continue to charge it and you may return to a dead battery anyway. also due to the constant charging and discharging due to the above you will shorten the life of your battery since they only have so many cycles of charge in their life. in theory this was a good idea BUT i would not recc this. maybe if you need something to take on a trip as a cheap spare or something but just get a good replacement and you will be a lot happier.

What is the output of the usb port and the mAH? I want this to charge tablet and phones on the go, but if it can’t power the tablet then I don’t want to waste my time.

Many of the negative reviews seem to stem from people using this as a power cord replacement as opposed to an emergency portable power device.

It works fine, had it powering my Core i7 Toshiba 17 inch monster laptop. It gets pretty warm if you push it, but that extra USB port is handy for charging stuff.

yes, it’s got that extra power button for you to turn it on or off. It’s just one more push, sheesh. if you hate it that much, look for its predecessor, the “non-green” version. No USB port, no button to push.

EDIT: iGo website says USB port has 0.76A at 5V.


This is a great travel charger (at least for me!) works well with my Dell Vostro laptop, it has a surge suppressor in it plus multiple tips. I have never had it turn itself off when my laptop battery has finished charging, just continues working as an AC power cord! You do have to remember to turn it on when it is first plugged into a wall outlet. The cigarette adapter works well too. The added bonus of a USB charging port makes simultaneous charging of my Mifi hot spot or cell phone really easy! Probably could also use it to charge tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy)which have USB charging cables.

This is a good deal IMO, tempted to get another as a back-up at this price!

According to its manufacturer page


It puts out 0.76A for the USB, 5 volts. I ASSume that’s using the USB port alone and not charging something else at the same time.

Since this comes up a lot, no, they don’t publish specs on their tips. Instead, they want you to look up your exact device on iGo.com so you won’t fry your device by using the wrong tip. If your device isn’t listed and you order anyway, you’re on your own.

If you need one of the free tips, the package includes a website you can order it from which might be more convenient than the 800 number.

The final output voltage varies depending on the tip, but is appropriate for the devices the tip is specified for.

I’m not sure why the lithium battery shipping disclaimer applies here. As far as I know, it does not contain any batteries itself.

Won’t support a tablet through usb. As another pointed out, output on usb is 5v@ 0.76A. Most tablet need 2.1A and more like 11v.

For tablets that take non-USB chargers, they do have some tips for those. I’m using 712 with my Toshiba Thrive.

Thank you and the other positive feedback. I have other iGo products and really like them and their environmental friendliness, so I ordered first, then started reading the comments. I’m feeling very good about my order, now.

You can have it on “charge all the time” mode, or on “green mode” where it’s supposed to check every 15 minutes to see if your device needs power. Says so in the instructions. Mine works great as a replacement for my HP charger that started burning from the inside out.

You can go to iGo.com and type “powertips” in the search box. That will take you to what you need for your devise. Some of the tips are free but others cost.

I purchased a couple of these a few weeks ago form one of the Woot sites (don’t recall which).

In fact I’m using one of them right now as I type this.

So far I’ve used the adapters to power and/or charge:

  • Lenovo T420
  • HP Pavilion DM4 series (I think it was a 2165dx)
  • Toshiba Satellite L755
  • HTC Radar 4G
  • LG MyTouchQ 4G
  • LG C900
  • Kindle 2nd gen
  • Kindle 3rd gen (non-touch, non-kybd)

The charger seems to get warm, but otherwise I’ve had no complaints at all, and have been very happy with the chargers.

So much so, I’ve been trying to find a reason to order another at this price, but I’ve got no need.

I HATE MINE! It never charges the battery unless the computer it turn on (it shuts off if the computer goes into sleep mode). If the laptop has a dead battery it is hard to get it to turn on and stay on long enough to get the laptop booted, etc etc. I’ve tried to leave it in ‘Charge all the time mode’ and it fails.

I have one and it works great charging cell phone and laptop

Don’t use the USB port then. Use the proper tip for the tablet. They sell microUSB tips if that’s what it needs.

We used to sell these in RadioShack. Never did like them as they were a bit faulty with their cutoff switches. It seems that they try to save power a bit TOO much…

That being said, for $20 it really doesn’t matter if it dies in a few months or so considering it does save some power when it doesn’t malfunction.