iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable

**Item: **iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable
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Seems to be this guy:
Hard to find, but possibly this is a similar item sold at amazon for $25:

I don’t know how many times I have been camping etc where something like this could have came in handy. How much battery life would come from 1700mah

In comparision, iPhone 5 battery is 1,440 mah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPhone_5)

So you should be able to fully charge a dead iPhone 5 and still has some left.

1700 mAh is nothing and will barely charge an iPhone. Forget the iPad…

True. My 5400mAh $24 pack from Amazon charges my iP4 twice. People think 1700mAh = will charge something equal to that, but its not so. Its 1AM so I wont explain the math.

Link please?

I own several USB battery chargers. I started out using them for day long time lapse projects with GoPro cameras but ended up finding them handy for being able to charge my phone on the go.

My favorite now is the Romos 5200mah. It has a built in LED flashlight which is handy at times.

On Amazon it’s $18 plus $4 for shipping. All of the reviews are 5 star including mine. I bought 4 more after my initial purchase for business gifts. Everyone has given me great feedback as well.


Not a good price at all for a mere 1700mah. I just got this one (although it was $10 when I got it but can be had for $16 right now) which is 5200mah: Sendy for $16 after $10 off coupon

Or you can get one of Monoprices highly rated ones for a good price: Monoprice Battery Units

[MOD EDIT: Ben’s Bargain discount has expired. Coupon is not currently valid]

I have 3 similar iGo chargers (but with 2 standard USB sockets). The useful thing about these is that you can keep them plugged in and use them as a normal charger, then they’re always charged if you need to take one with you (you’re rushing out and forgot to charge your gadget).

Much more useful than the chargers that need connecting to USB to recharge, which probably get forgotten and are discharged when needed.

I agree. It’s peanuts.

1,700 mAh is around half of my GS3 battery. If you want real power on the go, look for 10,000 mAh or better.


The above Anker 10,000 mAh charger would charge iPhones several times from dead to full.

The Anker rocks. I have 2 of them that I use to keep all our Android phones and tablets charged on the go, so the kids don’t get bored and go for each others’ throats. The Anker also has 9V/12V switchable output with a variety of connectors that can power either of our DVD players through another movie or so.

Uh, is it like trying to drink water while standing on your head?

That looks like a good one. Much better than the Woot for about the same price. I don’t understand how these things work. The input is 5 volts and the output is 5 volts. Seems to me the electricity would just sit there and no go anywhere. But that’s probably a really stupid way to think about it.

What is the mAh capacity?

anyone know of one that can plug into the wall? I really like that feature about this one!! Will eliminate the ac>usb wall charger thingy

Both my wife and myself keep a spare Galaxy S3 battery handy all the time. I keep mine in the console of my car, she keeps hers in her purse. Weighs a mere fraction of this and will always work. Holds a full charge for months and are available for under $20.
This would be good for a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery (Apple do you hear me?!!?)

That is the 2600mAh version. The 5200mAh version is $29.99 at http://www.amazon.com/Emergency-Universal-Flashlight-blackberry-smartphones/dp/B008QUSEP4/ref=pd_cp_cps_1