iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable

**Item: **iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable
Price: $14.99
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Condition: New

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6/9/2013 - $17.99 - 31 comment(s)

Not the best in terms of charge, but if you sometimes need a little extra juice, this should be sufficient.

No Lightning cable? That means this isn’t compatible with the latest generation of Apple products without using another cable.

[MOD: It is compatible. You just need to use your own cable. See my post below.]

The second Woot has an Anker battery, I will buy 3…regardless of the price. These iGo charge packs wish they could be Ankers. (No offense, iGo, I just need more juice to play #ingress, is all…)

My Anker Slimtalk is all over this thing. More than twice the power, less than half the size. It does lack AC prongs though. But then, this one is for the Apple drones.

This will work with any rechargeable electronic device. If simply has a 30-pin cable included. If you want to charge a newer Apple device BYOC … bring your own cord.

But I do agree, for $20 delivered there are better options out there. 1700 mah? Barely enough to give a charge to an iPod.

You can use the cable that came with the device to make it compatible with ANY USB chargeable device.

Apple has been diligent in preventing 3rd party vendors from creating generic lightning cables. So don’t blame the manufacturer’s on this.

You can still charge but you’ll have to use your own cable that came with your phone or iPad.

Apple didn’t make it easy for the manufacturers but there are now tons of generic ones, e.g.:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BU6WQOQ/. There are also officially licensed “made for ipod” or “mfi” cables, such as this one from the woot corporate overlords: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009SYZ8OC/

I will say that my experience with the generics has been pretty bad; about half that i’ve purchased have failed. Of course, at $2-3 each it’s not a bad deal.

haha, “godiva”. Nice one woot. i used over and lords but they changed it.

Regarding this particular device, well, it’s on sellout, of course it doesn’t have a current cable.

Once charged, how long will it hold power unused. In other words, if I fully charged this and kept it in my car, will it still have full charging power in 2, 4 or 6 weeks?

If my iphone 4S is dead, will it charge it to full capacity?

What about the few of us who still have blackberry’s will this charge my work provided blackberry curve?

Assuming the battery isnt total junk, its simple math. From what I’ve read on amazon most battery packs have an actual efficiency of 70% of what they list, higher for better quality batteries. So this one would be 1700 x .70 = 1190 actual mah. An iphone 4s specs say a battery capacity of 1432 mah so you would be lucky if you get 1 full charge on an iphone 4s or any other smartphone for that matter. Dont even think about charging a tablet with it. Tablets routinely have 5000-7000mah batteries in them. Probably only get 10-30% charge.

Overpriced for only 1700 maH.

You can find a 2800 maH battery on Amazon for the same price, including free shipping, or you can do what I did and buy the 11200 maH battery for $10 more.