iGo Portable Battery Pack w/ Apple Cable

I bought three of these for my family a while back for five bucks more apiece. They’re great. The size is a little larger than a typical charger but I don’t find it too bulky. Plenty of battery life in a small, convenient, cheap package. It also makes for a great travel charger. Thumbs up!

Unu DX PLUS IS WAY BETTER!!! This is only good if you don’t mind a little bit of charge and carrying something seperate.

Perhaps it mentioned this in the write up, but it looks like the cable is only good for the older iPhones and such…anybody know if I can still use this (with my usb cable) on a iPhone 5?

[MOD: It will work with any USB cable. Just use the cable that came with your phone.]

Here it is in a previous sale

Let’s learn all about iGo

Let’s learn more about the warranty

The cable is a MicroUSB cable with a little plastic adapter to a 30-pin Apple connector. You’ll need a USB-to-lightning adapter for the iPhone 5. That said, it does work just fine with an iPhone 4.

The specs mentioned a whole bunch of other phones… so the CABLE is for an iPhone, but the charger works with just about anything that charges using a USB port… is this correct?

iPhone 4 battery is 1,420mAh, the iPhone 4S battery is 1,432mAh, iphone 5 is 1,440mAh… probably good for about 3/4 charge on these phones.

This has enough power, fully charged, to charge an iPhone once completely and have some left over. Not enough for even 2 full charges, in case you guys were wondering.

For the price it’s not bad but I already have a much better alternative.

That is correct. It has female USB and microUSB ports. You can power anything with USB compatibility with it.

Beautiful. In for 3. Thanks!

Can I use this to play Stick Tennis on my iPhone? I have wasted five batteries trying to beat Willy Beacher!

I bought one of these awhile back, I can charge mine and my wife’s iPhone 5 from dead to nearly full in 1 full charge.

The battery life seems to dwindle after a few uses, now i can only charge my phone once.

I picked up a different model with a larger mAH.

You would have to get an iphone 5 lightning to 30 pin adapter. Some powerbank chargers come with them now.

[MOD: No need for that. Just use the Lightning cable that came with the iPhone 5.]

Can you mention what the alternative is? Thanks

This can charge pretty much anything with a USB cable, and doesn’t the Unu just mean that you’re carrying extra weight around in a physically bigger package ALL of the time, not just when you need it?

What about tablets? I have a Samsung 10.1. I’d assume it will have enough juice for almost a full recharge?

I was contemplating for IPad, but if my math is correct, it would be less attractive for that:
IPad is 42W-hr battery.
This charger is 1700mA-hr battery. The charger would be storing at 5V, so the power rating is 1.7*5, or 8.5 W-hr. This is about 20% of a newer iPad battery, which wouldn’t be all that attractive to me… But might be nice in a pinch. If I still had the big battery I bought for 100+, I would be happy! but the person who found it in my rental car is the one who is happy now…