iGo Power Management

Having been a long time sanyo eneloop fan, I suggest buyer beware, these are basic akaline batteries when it comes down to the nitty of the gritty of it so don’t expect them to hold charge for very long after a little awhile, I suggest spending a bit more and getting nimh cell rechargeables.

I have two of the chargers, which work great for Nimh batteries, too. The alkalines (mine came with a set of 4 AAs each) work well in appropriate devices (low draw) for a long time, but I have since bought a bunch of Nimh batteries which I use more.

Since the four position charger comes with plug adapters for non-US countries, does that mean it accepts 240V input?
If so, then this becomes a travel charger, and starts to look like a better deal.

UPDATE: The charger does have input of 110 to 240 volts, so if the adapter tips are included, this IS a travel-ready charger.

I bought two sets of these. I thought that they’d be great for the Xbox 360. Although they indicated a full charge, they couldn’t power the remotes. Waste of my time and $.

Have multiple sets of these from Various Woots.

The chargers work for other types of batteries…but it must be noted that the iGO batteries can only be charged in these chargers. Putting them in anything else will cause them to leak.

I’ve used them in a variety of devices and they have all worked fine. Haven’t used them in high draw devices like a camera but they have worked fine for things like Video game controllers (Wii, 360, etc.) and remotes

Same here. I have these and eneloop. The eneloop are MUCH better overall, but these are just fine for other things. I use them in xbox, wii, mouse, remotes and am happy with them. They do draw down quicker but I have a couple dozen so it’s no big deal. I’d say this is a decent deal (not great, but decent).

I got one of these last time they popped up on woot and I absolutely love them for my xbox controllers. I keep the charger next to the TV so as soon as my controller starts flashing I can take my time to find a place to pause, swap out the batteries, and then right back into the action!

Minimun surge protection should be
1440 joules!

I have two of these adaptars, one of which sits uselessly in its box since iG0 won’t respond to e-mails about sending and adaptor to use with my netbook. My advice, DON’T BUY THIS (or any iGo product) unless you’re sure you’ll NEVER have to contact them to get one.

Be careful with these. I bought a set with AAA and AA batteries. I use AAA with some medical equipment that I wear. Well, finally, I’d run out of the batteries I had and tried to use one of these. It didn’t fit in the cylinder and I had to buy other batteries anyway. I’ve yet to try the AAs, so this is merely about AAA that don’t fit into a AAA chamber.

I’ve owned the laptop travel adapter for over a year and just bought another. I think its a fine product and useful to many laptop applications with the adaptive connectors. No issues, otherwise I wouldn’t plunk down for another.

I’ve had two of these surge protectors now for about a year as well. No problems - functional as advertised.

I think everyone here should know that while NiMh batteries CAN be charged using this charger, for my Sanyo Eneloops, I need to take them out of the charger and re-seat them - at minimum - three times in order to get a full charge.

I’m currently in the market for a different battery charger. This one can alkalines - namely, the iGo batteries I already have - but it should also do a much better job charging NiMh, too.

Don’t worry, it’s got Neg Delta cut-off and all of that jazz. I got WAY into research with battery chargers since I hadn’t gotten what I expected with this iGo.

I really dislike spending money on things that don’t work; It’s wasteful, and bad for the environment to continue buying products, so check twice, buy once!


Anyone used the AA battery phone charger? I was just looking for that exact thing…

I had one a while back. I loved it because I could just pick up batteries on the go and charge my phone. mind you, it’s a slow charge but it worked. Then I upgraded my phone and it would no longer charge. Again, this was some time ago (could it have been an upgrade from the original iphone? not sure). At any rate, it was an apple issue where it just wouldn’t take the charge (have the same issue with an ipad and a car charger). I should probably know more about why this happens, but do I really need to know that? for $12 if it is obsolete in a couple of years you can still say you got your money’s worth? that said, i’m steering clear of this one. While it worked it was a bit unwieldy and the $5 shipping just doesn’t make sense.

DO NOT BUY THESE rechargeable batteries + charger. I bought them the last time they were for sale on woot.com. They are terrible. After about 2 months of usage, they don’t hold charge and leak battery acid… deeming them unusable.

Woot: re:iGo PS00264-004 powerXtender Charger with Apple 30-pin & microUSB Tips - $7 is a good price w/2 tips but the retail of $119.99 seems a bit off the mark

Can anyone tell me if the charger will shut off automatically after a full charge is achieved or do you have to unplug it after a few hours?

I actually bought 2 sets of these and I’m so disappointed in them. They do not hold charge for long at all. As a matter a fact they don’t even hold charge for a short time. Can’t use them in my camera (can only take a few pics and the battery light starts blinking again). The only thing I can use them for is the clock on the wall. They won’t even hold charge for the TV remote. Now that is bad.

I got in on one of these deals about a year ago. These are hands down, the WORST BATTERIES EVER. I’ve had all sorts of rechargables and these are absolute CRAP. Don’t waste your money, not even to pay for free iGo’s shipping. Not worth it.