iGo Power Management

we got one of the AA charger sets at a previous woot, they’re garbage. at full charge, they only have 2 bars in a wii mote, and last a couple of hours. they didnt even last a week in the tv remote.

I think someone messed up on the price of the little 2AA phone charger… It’s normally either $19.99 or $15.99 (depending on where you look) so it isn’t as good a deal as originally thought, but still quite a nice deal.

Hmmm, guessing fat fingered. I’ll send it in for checking. Thanks for pointing it out.

I carry that laptop charger with me everywhere and use it all the time. The ONLY problems I have with it are a low grade hum and that I sometimes forget to push the ON button after I’ve plugged it in to the wall and my laptop.

does anyone know what the ma ratings are for these batteries?

2000 mAh and 800 mAh. I bought these when they were packaged with the 8-position charger. They’re all in my remotes, flashlights, Mr Beams nightlights and mouse now. No problems so far.

I’m amazed at the $109 retail price on the laptop charger. I bought one a couple years ago on clearance for around $15. I think the retail price at the time was around $60.

Anyway, it’s great. I use it now for my laptop, now that the original charger died. The only issue (if you can call it that) I ever had with it was that it would stop charging my phone when the battery got to 93%. I guess it’s designed that way to protect the battery from overcharge…

I wasn’t suer about the iGo PM00012-0003 Green Power Smart Wall Surge Protector when they first came up, but I bought three anyway.

Very glad I did. I like the power management outlets. I plug in laptops to those, so when the laptop is off and the battery is charged, the power is turned off since it’s hardly drawing any power. The device checks roughly even 30 minutes to see if it needs to turn the outlet back on, and the battery in my laptop lasts longer than that, so it’s only on when needed. It’s like unplugging the power supply when I’m not using it, except I don’t have to unplug it.

I ended up installing all 3 around the house. I’m only using the green outlets on two of them, but the surge protection is useful too.

I must say, honestly, that between these and a similar device on the TV (turns on another outlet only when the TV is on), I’ve reduce my electric bill by more than a few dollars every month - 2400 SqFt house, bill was $41 last month. I used to pay over $60 a month for electricity.

Honest, things like this are a decent investment, and I haven’t had any problems with mine so far.

In for 3 more. I know of at least two spots I could use one of these, and I’ll have a spare for the future.

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