iGo Power Management

Absolutely LOVE the laptop travel adapter! Works great with my Dell Vostro & was far less expensive than a new charger from Dell.

Okay, I finally broke down and bought a second battery charger so I could get twelve rechargable AA batteries for only $10 and the cost of having to put up with owning more chargers than I need.

The iGo portable battery with Apple cable @ 1,700 mAh might not be the 10,000 mAh beast from Woot yesterday, but…

  • less than half the price.
  • its a lot more compact.
  • it charges directly from the wall without a separate wall wart since it has those handy collapsible spades.
  • it has pass thru charging so you can charge your phone whilst it charges itself.
  • includes an apple charge cable but it is the 30-pin variety so it won’t work on your latest gen lightning plug Apple devices unless you have an adapter. (I recall, less than $20 for the small one.)

But don’t be thinking this would be good for your iPad since it is limited to 1 amp device charging.

It’s fine for regular laptops, but not powerful enough for the XPS, which requires a 150W brick. The iGo bricks are only rated for 90W.

So yeah I bought this iGo thing last time it was up on WOOT and already it has taken a dump. The battery will not charge or it will not charge my iphone, so basically I have a new large wall-charger. It was great for a few days but…

Don’t do it! I bought the adaptable laptop charger when Woot had it on sale a while ago. I used it less than once a week for about 5 months and then it just stopped working (charging). Total crap product.

Is there a way to figure out how long these will charge another battery (give or take)? I’m assuming it has something to do with rhe battery rating (mAh) of both devices. For example, if I have a 1000 mAh portable charger, how long could it charge a 100 mAh battery?

I’ve had mine a couple years, and I use it every day. It still works great. shrug Maybe they don’t make them like they used to. Then again, the retail price has nearly doubled since then…