iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack

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iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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If these are anything like the iGo Universal Laptop Charging adapter I have they are horrid, always turning off when you don’t want them to.

buy it up
you just bought expensive electronics
you need to protect them from spikes now.

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Mediocre reviews.



Got a few of these a while back, being a professional energy nerd. They are pretty good at what they’re good for, but not necessarily intuitive. What they are good for is keeping chargers from vampiring juice. Big chargers like drills not phones. It’s a big help if you have a watt meter to run with it t osee whether it will work on things.

got 3*2 last time when they were in woot, actually quite bulky. anyway, works as described.

Glad I wasn’t awake at 1:xx AM to comment on this. I bought them a month or so ago (I think from woot.)

They do function as described. It’s that simple fact that makes them horribly annoying. When the unit decides to cut power to the offending vampire, the only way to reverse course is to push a button on the unit.

For example, you install this behind a desk. Connected are two transformer plugs. One for cell phone, one for speaker system on computer. Finished with work and leave for evening. Unplug phone, power down machine. Arrive at work next day. Plug in phone, turn on computer. Oh, hey, look! My phone isn’t charging and I have no sound! Yeah, that’s right. Either wait 30 minutes for the unit to discover that you need power, or crawl your a$$ under your desk and push the freakin’ button. Do. This. Every. Day.

Wish I didn’t buy them…

no joules rating???