iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack

**Item: **iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack
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I bought two of these, and have no complaints. I use one for my computer, with my docking station and monitor plugged into the “always on” side and the printer and scanner plugged into the “green” side. Works like a charm!

so are there 2 of them so you can plug one into the other so the indicator lights on the first one won’t light up all the time?

The humorous part is that these need some continuous power themselves to run the LED and manage the switch on the switched outlet. So they are wee tiny vampires, but vampires themselves.


also not super handy if you have to reach behind the couch to hit the button to turn on your home theater etc. or under the desk for your computer setup etc.
But still… I want to like this product!

I might even go as far as redundant.

I bought 3, just because I am tired of having to unplug stuff. Between the chargers for all the cell phones, Kindles, as well as various other crap - sometimes I can’t find an outlet when/where I need one.

My wife was babbling about ordering that side socket thing that’s advertised on tv. I wanted to nip that in the bud.

Good Plan, ***as seen on TV *** is generally shorthand for CRAP you wasted money on…
BTW how’s that revolution thing working out for you?

Got these about a year ago thinking to use them for a cell phone charger.
But they are worthless.
They didn’t detect the phone was plugged in or it was charged fully at all. They had to be turned on to start charging and never went off.
Also they click loud enough every hour to wake me up from another room.

Annnnnd they’re now removed from my cart.


And it only takes 14,000 years to recoup the total energy of manufacturing and distributing this device from the vampiric energy saved from a charger that draws no current when the phone is not plugged in.

AND, to top it all off, half your “wall warts” won’t fit on one side or the other since both sides are configured with the same blade placements for each outlet.