iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack

**Item: **iGo Power Smart Wall 4-Outlet Surge Protector - 2 Pack
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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Hey, these aren’t watches.

That’s what happens when you assume… :slight_smile:

these got pretty bad reviews on amazon.


You mean they are watches?


If they are anything like the EcoFicient Surge Protectors, you have to run so much electricity through the outlet that powers the others on, otherwise they will never come on.

HA! I don’t think the specs say anything about it, but if you listen closely to the hum of the surge protector, it might whisper the time. But like I said, you have to listen CLOSELY!

From a helpful comment on Amazon:

"Electronics like phones, mp3 players, and laptops have charging cables that when an electronic is plugged in to it requires constant juice from the outlet. These type of devices work great with this product. However, electronics like televisions, desktop computers, dvd players, etc… will work mediocre with this product because they send a power on or off signal once when pushed not constantly like a phone charger. So unless you time it just right to the second to push the button at the moment this device checks if power is needed you’re out of luck; you’ll have to manually push the power button on the device to send power to the electronic item plugged into it. So you’re creating the need to push two buttons to power up one item. But in theory you will still save power when the device is turned off.

IMPORTANT: This device will check if power is needed for the devices plugged into the outlet once every 30 MINUTES and this time is not adjustable. This is precisely why it is an ineffective product for items like televisions and dvd players due to the fact that when you try and power up these items they send a single signal and if the television has no juice it will not receive the signal.

Bottom Line: If you’re using this for a laptop, cell phone charger, coffee maker, or electronic device that is rarely used then it is a great product assuming it uses less power than the vampire device. I do have to scratch my head and wonder how much power the device itself uses to operate; it constantly illuminated led lights and has to run the 30 minute checks. I’m really wondering if this thing is a scam in that sense but since I don’t have any way to measure the watts this item uses in comparison to the vampire devices themselves I will have to assume they’re telling the truth."