iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter

spare for the computer you just bought?

Is this the one that has $.20 worth of components and a big hunk of lead to make it feel beefy?

Reburfished power supply? Hunh? How is that even possible? Returns I’d suppose…

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Bring on the Bag O Krap!

I’ve seen some of these before and never had much luck with em, but if your in a pinch they will work.

Does this work with a Dell XPS 17? I just bought a new ac adapter and it tells me, not enough power, its 3.6 amps, how many amps is this one?

Works great for my Gateway laptop. There’s no reason this can’t replace an original charger.

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Does this work with a Mac?

No really…I wanna know. New PowerBook.

What’s the voltage, Kenneth?

I just checked the iGo website, and they’ll be glad to sell me a tip for my laptop, but says there’s no ocmpatible charger. The stock adapter puts out 20v. Does this charger not provide 20v output?

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Thinking this might be a wootoff killer!

I’m sure it doesn’t do MacBook MagSafe.

What about an old Mac: G4 PowerBook?

From the description, it doesn’t look like it does.


I bought it off sellout. Works great for my HP tx2000 but obviously YMMV.

No, these do not work with any Macs. This was brought up the other week when these were last up. I got 2 and they work great. I have used them on a Compaq, Dell and Lenovo so far. In for 2.

Bought one earlier when it’s on regular Woot. Works great with my Sony, almost half the size of my original Sony brick. My friend with Dell is envious. :smiley:

UL sticker in the back says 90Ws. Divide that by 20V and you get… 4.5A Plenty for you.

I have an aftermarket brick from eBay (also for my Sony) that has output of 3.2A at 20V DC, that’s only 65Watts. :smiley: