iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter

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iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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My day… is… RUINED.

Darn. My laptop requires 91 watts.

Still mad I didn’t get my crap!!!

Is the power wire to the wall optional?

Slim… can fit in a stocking…


I think I just got Balls On Chin…at least it shows in my list of Woots! Order page says it is still processing. Will be the first time to score one after soooo many Woot-Offs.

This time I can really say it like I mean it—NO MACS…so don’t ask again

I’m still cryingg about the bags of carrots I didn’t get.

wooHoo… BOC #4 on it’s way!!

a few bucks less then a 3rd party on amazon…not sure how many people actually lose their notebook charger tho.

Already posted on Sellout.Woot a while back for the same price. How about making Woot-offs a better value for leftover stock that wasn’t sold the first round?

C’mon Woot, no more reruns!

did the crap drop recently?


WHAT THE…??? I turn my back for a MINUTE to do some actual work and the crap goes flying by? That’s not right. I should know better than to do actual work during woot-off days. Damn.

Does it work for Samsung?