iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter

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iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Considering these are ~$75-$100 at RadioShack - good deal!

“PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see your device listed above, contact iGo Customer Service at 888-205-0093, and they will ship a tip for your device free of charge”

What do you want to bet they will not send one for my Macbook Pro?

I think Woot wants us all to get outside of the house while Wooting. They must think we’re lazy or something!

I bought this for my daughter off woot a month ago. This has been a lifesaver. She has a Toshiba laptop and all the power cords we found were close to $100. This works like a charm. Brick doesnt get too hot.

I’m not lazy. I just lack proper motivation.

Thats what i was thinking. Whenever I have ever needed one of these in a pinch I had to pay through the nose. In for 3. I’m sure I can find a friend to sell this for for 30 dollars :stuck_out_tongue: keep one for me and another one in case fambly needs one

It’s power (adapter) hour!

Since just about everybody is cheaper than The Shack, that’s not saying much.

I worked for them for 8 years over 20 years ago. I still have nightmares about that experience.

Yeah…I’m glad somebody else said this before I got to it.

i got two of these (one for office, one for home) here recently, and they work great. Only one problem: the little bag of tips was (and i am being serious, she told this story to me YESTERDAY) were mistaken for a small bag of licorice “Nibs” candy by my office manager, and she was completely disappointed to find out they were actually computer parts.
The good news?
I know what she’s getting for Christmas!!!

Poo. My laptop takes a 230W power supply

Finally have a chance to go poop.

These are great if you move your notebook around (you know, like they were designed for…). You can leave an adapter at work, at home and have one in your bag for travel. They are usually crazy expensive - this is a good deal.

There for sale on eBay for 12.97 + free shipping… It’s generic but hey, they’re both 3rd party to whatever laptop you’re going to be using it with…

+$50 on Amazon

Really? That’s incredible. I have a very powerful laptop and it only takes 80 Watts. You must have an extremely high electric bill.

Good to know.