iGo Wallpower Universal AC Adaptor 2-Pack



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iGo Wallpower Universal AC Adaptor 2-Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 iGo Wallpower Universal AC Adaptor PS0205


More adaptors I need for my outlets… Nice deal though.


Not even worth considering since I got 3 whenever they messed up my PSP case order :stuck_out_tongue:


I would so be on this but got my energiser 3 pak from woot@ for 7.97 as did some others. Technically for free.


Great for travelers!


no blackberry or sony phones?


BOO @ SmartPost!


I have two of these, aka AC adaptors, they came with my phones, and when one of them broke, my carrier gave me a new one…for free


No USB tip?


doha! leave it to me to buy something 3 days early!


radioshack is 29.99 for the wallpower and 1 tip…all this together would cost 140 bucks at radioshack…i’m going to feel bad selling these now


Any good for iPod?


will this work with my new thinkpad?


The Wildcharge will eliminate charging chords alltogether…if it ever comes out.


I love my iGo, and I would buy one of these if they weren’t forcing two on me.


8 watts…you do the math


These are thirty bucks a piece at RadioShack, though this seems like an older version, they are great universal chargers. If your tip isn’t included you can get them at the Shack for 10 bucks. It will also charge cameras, ipods, and other mp3 players with the correct tip.


Solid woot. Have seen these retail for $30 a piece and you only get one tip.


I got an iGo laptop adapter from the store, and they seemed to work well. The tips are kind of a little odd though; you have to plug them into the device before plugging them into the wall.

In any case, I’d expect these wallwarts to be fine for “travellers”… but I’m not a traveler so I’ll pass.

Good night, woot.