iGourmet: Meat & Cheese Of The World

What? Where’s the Wensleydale?


LOL when they say a little bit of Italy they aint kidding… 1oz of prosciutto :slight_smile:

Mine came today! Super quick shipping! However, the I was a bit disappointed as what was listed as Clotted Cream was actually Double Devon Cream instead. :frowning: Also, instead of the Cheshire, I got a Sage Derby. However, the preserves that came was a Bramley Apple Chutney. Nice! I usually have to pay approx $8 a jar (incl. s&h) to order apple sauce from Bramley apples from England so this was a nice surprise. And it pairs well with the DD cream so made up a little for my disappointment.

And, I have to say, that Red Dragon cheese is amazing! Go Welshies!

Did anyone else not get exactly what was described??