iGourmet: Snacks For Game Day

This all looks way too good. I don’t even know where to start. Where’s lichme and conan with reviews when you need them? :frowning:

(Do bots not touch Woot! Plus deals?)

It’s against the law for bots to touch PLUS Deals. GROSS!!! lol

Ok. Seriously though; NO, they usually don’t. But hopefully we’ll have some people chime in about their experiences/likes/dislikes

Noooooo! I need help here. Pricey but I love cheese and pepperoni way too much.

So bummed out. Bought the bloody Mary basket x2 (one as a potential gift, one to keep)…came with 2 jars of pickled carrots instead of the spicy beans, which was the item we were most looking forward to. Then, the offending carrots reared their ugly heads and broke open during transport…so everything else is covered with their carroty ickiness. Suppose this covers whether or not we’re going to give one basket away, though…so thanks for that, stupid imposter carrots.

Ugh. Email support@woot.com so they can help you out.

Disappointed in the shipping. Shipping indicated 3 to 8 days. I ordered these items 16 days ago and is just shipping today.