iGourmet: Spain

$40 for 3 cans of tuna? Does the tuna sing and dance? Am I missing something important?

Thats better than the 6 oz of ham for $40.

Spanish gourmet food but no gazpacho? For shame, Woot. For shame.

jose andres package shows a picture of serrano ham, but the specs say iberico.

“Piacentinu DOP: A rare cheese that is produced exclusively in Sicily, Piacentinu is most noted for its striking yellow color which results from the addition of saffron during the cheese-making process. In typical Sicilian fashion, this sheep’s milk cheese from Enna is flavored with whole black peppercorns.”

No Spanish saffron cheeses available?

If you love tuna, the Ortiz Organic Tuna is the greatest. We have been buying it for years from The Spanish Table in Santa Fe.

The tuna plays the organic.

If you get the Manchego you should try stuffing it into a date, wrapping it with bacon, and roasting it in the oven.

So awesome - and no other cheese makes it taste the same.

Based on local per-pound prices for Manchego this isn’t a bad deal (not great, but not as bad as some of the others in this sale)