iGrow Laser Hair Growth System

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iGrow Laser Hair Growth System
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Is today April Fools?

So…this isn’t today’s gag item? Huh.

Hey baldy! if you’re tempted to buy this losing your hair is the least of your problems.

Send me your money I got snake oil that will make you smarter.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything. :roll_eyes:

Lasers do not and will not stimulate any hair growth.
This is quackery.

I don’t know whether this particular device is good but you are all mistaken to doubt the technology (low level laser light therapy for hair loss).


“Conclusion: LLLT for hair growth in both men and women appears to be both safe and effective. The optimum wavelength, coherence and dosimetric parameters remain to be determined.”

I’m so confused. My BS meter is pinging off the charts, but a quick google search turns up this peer-reviewed paper:


Wat do?

Edit: D’oh. Too slow.

So I will grow feathers?

I happened to be watching The Simpsons (FXX) and guess what ep it was exactly as Woot refreshed? Yep. The Homer lose last two hairs, Homer lose job, hijinks ensue with misunderstandings and lies with a side of crazy methods to grow hairs back episode. Nutty coincidence, aye? I mean of the 600 episodes only, what, 200 are based on hair loss shenanigans!

If I am ever caught using such a thing, I hereby give anyone and everyone permission to just shoot me. Please. Just shoot.




Does this fit on butts…

Now I’m intrigued

So, I wear this device to grow back my hair?

…or maybe I wear it and everyone pays attention to the weird contraption eating my head instead of the fact that I’m balding.


I have heard of laser hair removal. Laser and growth just don’t go well together, in most cartoons I saw as a kid lasers were used to cut and destroy things.

New low, Woot. I don’t know what’s worse, this pathetic offering, or this pathetic photoshop.


Ohhh, you guys just don’t understand. All of you must have tooooo much hair,… still.

As for me, I am follically challenged. In fact, I didn’t like the ‘monk’ look, so I shaved. Nothing better than a smooth shiny chrome dome. The ladies love rubbing they soft hands over the top for luck (some get lucky)

Grow hair again?? NO WAY
So much easier now. And look at all the $$$ I save without hair products and cuts. Me? I’m too happy now.

I’m out.