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We Android lovers thank you!


Can you set the iHome iP10 Stereo Alarm Clock to play songs on your ipod when you wake up?


I would like to have my alarm play a loud and annoying sound to wake me up. My S3 isn’t loud enough and I can sleep through it. I wonder if this thing would work? I mean the iHome iC16 Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker. Will the sound of my choosing play through the speakers or are they just for music?


I’ve seen iPod-charging alarm clocks before, and a few Android-charging alarm clocks - but never one specifically for the Kindle Fire before this. My only 2 problems are:

  1. My college-bound daughter doesn’t want to take the family’s Kindle Fire with her (she prefers paper books when she’s not on her laptop); and
  2. I already bought her an iPod-charging alarm clock (a Memorex) for $18.00 from Office Depot earlier this month. (Don’t tell her, though - it’s for her birthday!)


So does that “Android dock” have Bluetooth or anything, or you just gotta sorta balance the phone onto that round ‘puck’ connector dangling out of the USB port on the side and have another cord running into the headphone jack?

Multiple connectors give me a sad. But if it actually does support Bluetooth and the USB port on the side is just a bonus for charging/powering more junk while your phone charges that’d be awesome and I’d be all over it.


Do I see an Iphone in the photo? I believe I do!


Are the dimensions on the iHome iC16 Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker right? The stated dimensions are more cube-like. Amazon has it roughly 7.5x2x2.


Sorry for the late reply. I agree it looks a little off even though it matches the iHome specs for that product. I’ve sent a question in to get it verified.

EDIT: Dimensions have been updated.