iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with iPod / iPhone Dock

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iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with iPod / iPhone Dock [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping

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will this work with newer ipods

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They’re using WootWatch in the pictures

do the white keys get dirty easy

Why is there an install CD and more importantly, why doesn’t the black keyboard need the install CD? Aren’t they the same?

Product Website

Can it be used with an Asus netbook?

The White/Silver model is for Mac only.

can it be used with the Ipad?

It looks like a simple USB connection to the PC and then an external power block. So you could hook it up to a netbook but you’d be tethered to a power plug.

Verified in the quickstart guide on the product website, must be plugged into the AC power all the time.

Taken from their user manual.

Note: iPod/iPhone compatibility

iPhone 3G – 8GB, 16GB
iPod touch 2nd generation – 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPod nano 4th generation (video) - 8GB, 16GB
iPod classic – 120GB
iPod touch 1st generation - 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPod nano 3rd generation (video) – 4GB, 8GB
iPod classic – 80GB, 160GB
iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum) – 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
iPod 5th generation (video) – 30GB
iPod nano 1st generation – 1GB, 2GB, 4GB

What it wont work with my iPhone 4?!?!? Phhht forget it!

I understand the white one is only for Macs but what makes it so different that it will not work with a PC?

Modifier buttons are different. Mac keyboards have control, option and command instead of control, alt and windows.

Purchased one of these at Costco 3 weeks ago packaged with a wireless mouse for $30. Returned it one week later. I liked the mouse and the convenient ipod dock but the keyboard, specifically the number keys, were terrible, basically unusable. Customer support acknowledged this is a known defect and not fixable. If you search the web you will find this is a common complaint. Probably why this is now selling for a fraction of its initial retail cost. Yeah and that power brick for the keyboard was kind of weird.

The USB ports and iPod dock are great, but the numeric keypad is borderline useless. If you plan on using this for spreadsheet work, take your $24.99 elsewhere. Also, if you have an iPhone, the cell signal sometimes interferes with the touch buttons along the top of the keyboard.

I need one of these fro a home theater PC. Any trouble using a USB extension cable with a keyboard?

Never buy from I-Home, I have a mouse, have written customr service and technical about a problem, never got a response, it has a lifetime warranty…they have been non responsive