iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with iPod / iPhone Dock

Yes - reviews for this are mixed:


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…with most of the complaints centered around the numeric keypad. So if you want the iPhone/iPod dock, you should get this only if you rarely use the numeric keypad, or if you’re a number cruncher, are willing to spring for a separate USB numeric keypad such as this one.

I bought the keyboard and wireless mouse at Costo. I found the layout of the keyboard and key sizes a real problem for touch typing — particularly the location of the delete key and the home key in relation to the backspace key. It is frustrating, but I expect, with time, my fingers will learn the layout.

So basically the only difference is button labels?

I like mine - but I don’t use the numeric pad at all.

You would think, but it doesn’t work that way. It’s not just the label, but the signal that’s sent to the computer when you press the button.

If you plug a windows keyboard into a mac, it acts like there’s no option or command. You can manually edit the character map so that Windows acts like Option and Alt like Command, but this only takes effect once OS X has loaded so you can’t use bootup selections like Command+V for logging mode or Command+S for terminal mode.

I don’t know if windows has a similar function to remap a mac keyboard. It’s basically a huge pain in the ass. If you’ve got a mac, get a mac keyboard, if you’ve got a PC, get a PC keyboard.

(Also, come to think of it, a mac keyboard has the CD eject key, but if you plug in a keyboard without one, OS X provides an eject menu in the title bar.)

I remember seeing this in a Costco a while back and thinking how neat they looked. Glad I waited to grab one at half price on here!

Does anyone know if this will work with the new iPhone OS?

Anyone have info if this will work with AppleTV? Since it works w/FrontRow etc, I’m guessing yes…

A more definite answer would be more definitive.

Bought a black one today at Microcenter for $60 on sale from $120 list price (will be returning it tomorrow). I hadn’t even got it out of the box when I stumbled on this deal, I bought two for PC and one for Mac. I’ve put my hands on it and thought it was a deal at $60, so for $25 I’m freaking stoked! Woot all your friends cause this keyboard deal is pretty damn sweet.

the new iOS 4 does not change the physical pinouts on your phone, so it should work with what’s compatible with it, regardless of OS

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trash don’t waste your money. The box it comes in it better quality than this piece of junk. A Cheapy $10.00 keyboard from walmart is better than this thing. the keys are too small/close together. the end/del/home keys are all screwed up (in weird places) it feels like i’m jammed in a plane and on my laptop tying to type this. NOT a smooth flowing keyboard. the only thing I like is the dock, the touch keys and the USB’s but the CONS outweigh the PROs gonna try and get my money back

Ok I got the black keyboard shipped to me by mistake. My label says white but there is a black one in the box. What now? I have a mac …

email service@woot.com. An order number always helps. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see a response tomorrow (Monday at the latest).