iHome iH18W Portable Travel Alarm Clock for iPod Shuffle


where can I get an ipod? This would make a great gift for someone I know, does it come in black also?


I have two of these and they work great. Definitely worth this price.


I don’t even use my shuffle for music.


I really must get an iPod… :slight_smile: Does this work with the Zune?


i simply don’t have a shuffle…end of story.


iHome iH18W Portable Travel Alarm Clock for iPod Shuffle
$19.99+ $5 shippin


Blah- I still can’t figure out why anyone would buy an mp3 player without a display.


Does this work with the new shuffle?


Now i can wake to my music!!! cool WOOT!!



My Generation One Shuttle has new life!


um shuffle only thanks woot i have a nano


I have a 30GB ipod or I would totally get this.


Agreed. Why would you want an entire stereo for something that will only play like 2 songs?


at the point that you buy this, you should just have your shuffle permanently fused to your body


shuffle?? what a waste. i’d seriously consider if it fit other ipod models. goodnight all.


Shuttle comes in 512MB and 1GB. Not sure how big your song files are matey.


nice deal for ppl who have shuffles…otherwise this blows…please put something up that is compatible with all ipods (nanos and videos) and not just the crappy models that no one really buys


Deja Vu. I’m pretty sure I saw this at Big Lots today. (It’s a closeout store, in case anyone isn’t familiar with it) I’m not sure what the price was since I refuse to buy an overpriced iPod, but I’m pretty sure it was close to woot’s price.

G’night John Boy.


Is the shuffle included?