iHome iStand Notebook Media Center with Built-in Speakers

$167.25 over at amazon

and the Silver and Black product websites

and a user manual for Silver and Black

i’m done now

Only two "i"s? If it were an iHome iStand iNotebook iMedia iCenter with Built-in iSpeakers then I’d consider it…

I either don’t get it, or it looks horribly uncomfortable to me:

  1. Places keyboard at odd angle (carpal tunnel, anyone?)
  2. Making touchpad virtually inaccessible
  3. Depending on size/shape of laptop will even make some keyboards hard to reach
  4. Looks plain ugly with laptop sitting in it
  5. Does not seem to be able to act as laptop’s speaker set, which may have made it a bit more worth it. Or does it?

I believe it’s for watching movies and such, and only for that. I think.

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iHome iStand Notebook Media Center with Built-in Speakers [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Lifeworks iStand Notebook Media Center with Built-in Speakers

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I still don’t get it…
If it’s for watching the films (heh Woot, wanted to use a familiar substitution, but you changed the rules - now I had to type it) then what does iPod dock have to do with it?

Watching them from iPod, seems like an overkill

And to control anything not controllable from ipod directly - it’s still a pain to access both keyboard and touchpad.

And it’s still UGLY. If I watch a movie on the screen, I’d still be forced to stare at this unattractive frame hugging the laptop…


XP, Vista only? $168 @ Amazon.

This seems to be a horrible answer to a question nobody asked. And why won’t it work with iPhone 3GS 32GB, or iPod Touch 64GB?

This is a laptop stand. It’s for raising your laptop screen.
You use an external keyboard and mouse.

1/2/3: Holds the screen up a bit higher while I use it on my desk with my ergonomic wireless keyboard/mouse, saving my wrists and helping my posture.
4. Because my laptop is all about looking cool. Screw the portability.
5. Yeah, but the speakers on it aren’t much better than a laptop’s anyway.

Still, not worth $50.

iHome iS iPriced iNcredibly iHigh. $55 for iPod charger and speakers.iPass. Speaker specs aren’t provided so hard to judge quality of sound potential if they won’t even list it.
Another product thinking putting an i in front of a products name will compel Apple zealots to pay more money for something they do not need or could get for less $.
Edit. Speakers only work with iPod/iPhone will not work as notebook speakers or any other device. Has no jacks for input of mp3 players or output for headphones.Brilliant engineering idea to restrict its use solely to iPod/iPhone!

How, precisely, does the ipod connect to the laptop? Does the stand have a USB cable that pulls out of it, or what?

Well, Gizmodo says, “Holy f***.”

If Griffin can get away with charging $40 for a couple of pieces of aluminum and a piece of plastic and calling it an “Elevator”, I think $55 is not woefully out of line for adding a dock, speakers, and USB hub into the mix.

I’ll have to think about this one. If I wake up with “morning Woot”, I may pick this up to relieve it.


Yes, it’s part of the USB hub. Check the Quick Start guide for connects.

This Quick Start Guide also leads me to believe there’s no way to route laptop sound to the speakers.


Overpriced I think. I got a different brand/model stand with a USB hub and dual fans to cool the bottom of the laptop for half the price from woot a couple months ago.


Can be had for $30 at local Best Buy IF you are lucky.

So you can’t use the speakers for the computer, only for an apple product?