iHome Netbook Accessory Kit

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iHome Netbook Accessory Kit [New] - $6.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * iHome Netbook Accessory Kit

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iHome Netbook Accessory Kit
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 iHome Netbook Accessory Kit

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Finally, earbuds with in-line mic! And I actually need a USB hub (thanks, Apple. :expressionless: )

$12.99 on eBay right now. Also, they claim it’s worth $45. It’s one of their daily deals.

Looks decent! The mouse is too small for me though :frowning:

The thing I don’t get is why did Apple make a product for non-Apple computers? That’s a first… (unless they made a netbook and I didn’t hear about it, which is no surprise since I hate them)

hmm, i thought there was already a Bunch of Claptrap today.

can you use this with an ipad? we’re thinking of getting an ipad for a gift

Has the second basket of carnage appeared yet?

(Don’t tell me you didn’t know woot always does a second one for Halloween!)

what is with all of this iHome carp?

Total aside: Anyone else notice in the commentary how they keep referring to Brett Favre’s accomplishment as “500 lifetime passes.” More like 500 touchdown passes. 500 passes is a season accomplishment, and not necessarily a good one at that – just throwing a lot. I guess we know some of the Woot people aren’t big football folks. Sorry for the rant…

Um, Grandpa Fav-ra hass thrown 500 TOUCHDOWN passes, not 500 passes. Jackass!

Amazon review states the headphones are mono :frowning:


No, only the earbuds would be usable. The hub and mouse would not have any use.

Edit: It looks like the buds are the two plug variety, so I’m not even sure if they’ll be fully functional on an iPad.

Nope. Think of the iPad as a giant iPod.

They’re from Texas. It’s common knowledge that Texas isn’t that big on football, nor very good at it. :stuck_out_tongue: I think badminton is the state sport or something.

Picked up two of these in the last Woot-off. The mouse and USB hubs work great. I honestly didn’t try the earbuds.

do they really?? i want one so badly :frowning:

This set is handy, fits easily into our netbook sleeve. We originally purchased it for the USB hub which comes in handy, but the earbuds get more use. I’m okay with the size of the mouse. Well worth it. If we didn’t already this set, I’d be in for 2.

ihome netbook accessory kit at night means a third day of woot off!