iHome Netbook Accessory Kit

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iHome Netbook Accessory Kit [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

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Notice that the earbuds have TWO inputs: one for microphone in, one for the headphones. If you’re not going to use the microphone, you might want to have another set handy that are just earbuds. Some microphones will be turned on automatically when there’s an input plugged into the microphone port. This is especially useful information if you’re using a device with relatively minimal memory or processing power (like a netbook) where the microphone being on could cause the system to slow some.

Techbargains had buy.com selling it in February for $17.99:

Walmart has it for $25 but with notebook bag:

TigerDirect has it for $19.99 in black:

Amazon for $24:

Similiar (same?) Lifeworks set for $24

Review of Acer Aspire One (10.1in) & Acer Aspire One Accessory Kit at YouTube. The netbook is for sale on woot.com.

Yo woot, here’s the deal.
You throw in both color sets for $9.99 and I’m game.

FWIW, I love my small mouse with the retractable cord when I use my laptop desk (it has a mousepad add-on). I used a wireless mouse for a while but it kept falling off into the chair, couch cushions, etc. Seemed like I was always losing it.

Or don’t plug in the microphone jack.

Here’s iHomeComputer’s website. The hubs look more ordinary here, though.

How would this small mouse work with someone with large hands?

If the microphone plug is not plugged in simultaneously with the headphone plug, then the audio will be distorted. At least, that’s what happens when I use mine.

You would definitely get used to it after a few days. I have large hands and have managed to use a similar mouse for about a year now :slight_smile:

However…the small mouse is really not optimal for playing video games (not enough buttons, not as sensitive as the larger ones, etc).

I’m a 6"1" guy with long fingers (not thick), and I’ve never had trouble with my little netbook mouse.

Well, I may have large thighs, but my hands are pretty normal size. My 19-yr old son uses a small laptop mouse with no problem. I believe netbook mice are smaller though? Bottom line? No idea. Sorry.

I’ve seen it at TJ Maxx for 10 or 12 bucks without the bag. all in all though, it looks like pretty poor quality.

This is perfect for work and for home. Love it!

I find that the mouse is much easier to use than then trackpad on my eee. This is one case where size doesn’t matter.

Works fine. I have the mouse from this set (purchased during a woot happy hour a few weeks ago) and my husband (he of the size 14 wedding ring) laughed at my “tiny pathetic mouse”. And then he stole it from me, used it for a couple days, and apologized.

Seems like even a small mouse is better than a tiny trackpad, if you’ve got large hands. He asked me to get him another one if they came up again, so, in for one. :slight_smile:

I personally find that a decent foldable keyboard to be of more utility with a smaller netbook than a small mouse. Then again my use runs to more of typing up reports, editing, and some freelance writing than heavy use of a touchpad/mouse. It is too bad that the really good foldable Bluetooth keyboards are getting almost impossible to find as they have been all pretty much discontinued. There are a few very high price models out there, but strangely enough I’ve found the pricier they are, the more poorly they are designed.

i have big hands and used one of these. not hard and fairly comfortable