iHome Netbook Accessory Kit

Yay, no more shirts!!

Red or Silver? I’m stuck…

Manf Website

Save on Woot
Google pricing results

$20 on Amazon

Aww man… I passed up on snu-snu waiting for this?

I hope you are all happy now!

Those retractable usb cord thingies were invented by Satan.

Satan, in hell, sipping an iced tea. He made them.

so, the next item is going to be a netbook?

Why wouldn’t these work with Linux?

got netbook, got a mouse (cordless), have way too many headsets, and some with mics. USB HUB? yep have a few.

have and have, don’t need…next woot

You made them? Can I have one?

welp, guess the browns can go to the superbowl this afternoon…

lol exactly what i was thinking :slight_smile: yay

Man, I have been on top of this woot off today.


Up next, the koi.

There’s always time for snu snu.

This shit will sell right quick since we are all primed from the shirt detour!


well… these USB ports can be used for many things…

I already have a mouse.

I want to buy one, but are they good? Anyone with a useful comment on these?