iHome Optical Netbook Mouse



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iHome Optical Netbook Mouse
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 iHome Optical Netbook Mouse

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again… wtf?

Woot, couldn’t you have just put these into the last Braids of Copper?

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Aww look at those cute little mice. :slight_smile:

Pretty cheap. If you need 1, get 3 to save on shipping then sell/gift the other 2 to your homies.

I like that the write-up has absolutely nothing to do with the product. Unless Brewmaster and Golem are new characters in an updated Mike Tyson’s Punchout.

I AM looking for a cheap optical mouse, but from what I’ve read on Amazon these are VERY small. One reviewer said that he could fit 2 in the palm of his hand.

purdy colors…

Oh my long forgotten bag of crap =(

What is the length of the cord when fully extended?

Eek! Mice…with long, deformed tails! A pain when the only usb outlet is on the Left side of the laptop and your niece is right-handed…she’s getting a cordless for Christmas, thank you.

Argh! I bought a package that contained a mini mouse retractable mouse yesterday that came with other stuff I’ll never use, just to have a mouse for the inevitable moment when my touchpad dies. Wish I’d waited…

I have either experience deja vu, stroked out for a day, or Woot put the same item up again in the same woot-off

I’ve got a slobberknocker for you.

Another retractable mouse! My favorite toy…

Zzzzzippp! SNAP! Zzzzippp! SNAP!

Drives the kids crazy!

I hate the pad on my netbook. This little mouse is perfect. In for a red one to match - and a black one for a spare.