iHome Optical Netbook Mouse

Really Again???

I haven’t seen these before :-p

Looks like they are selling all the BOC stuff

These things are crap. You’d have to have the hands of a 3 year old to make effective use of these.

Even if you’re tempted to order, don’t ordrer 3 like I did.

I bought this about a month ago to use with an old laptop. It is small in size, but it fits perfectly in the flat space available for it on the laptop, and since I normally have it on my lap (duh), there is no table to use a larger mouse Any “normal” sized mouse would not work as well. I love it, as it was tedious to use the touch pad, and it required 2 hands to play solitaire! I love this new little mouse, and it scrolls nicely, too. It would also be a very nice size for younger children, too. I would say that it is probably too small for “manly sized” hands!