iHome USB Wireless 8 Button Laser Mouse

Lucy, iHome!

So, 2.4Ghz? Any reason to use this over bluetooth?

weak. commmoonn BoC

Actually something useful.
To bad I already have to micro USB mice coming. Had I known I would have waited.

Not looking good for a Busted Octomom Cooch today.

You expect us to settle for this after featuring Razers in previous Woot!-offs?


That’s nice. My wife’s laptop needs a new mouse. Any chance the USB dongle stores underneath the mouse?

Just don’t let this thing die without having some Double A’s handle at all time.

Alrighty then.

See you guys tomorrow!!! :angry: :blah:

getting late - 2 day wootoff!? so soon after the last wootoff? wootoff? off?

Funny how excited I can get with the expectation of a new Woot-off item.

Good deal according to Amazon:

Amazon for $30

The last iHome product I had was an iPod player. It was total carp. Sold it at a yard sale for $5 just to get it out of my house. Hope this mouse is better.

Does anyone know why it takes about 30 seconds after a new item appears on a woot tracker for my browser to see the new item? I’m hitting ctrl+f5 several times during the wait and still get the old, sold out item each time.

Only thing I’d use 8 buttons for is…hmm I didn’t even use 8 buttons on my mouse for WoW.

Razer Naga anyone?

How programmable are these buttons? Can I program one to clear my desktop if the boss walks by?

If I wanted an eight-button mouse, I’d break into the animal psych lab at Cal State.

Seriously, who is going to remember what all eight buttons do?

Cooomooooooon Razers!