iHome Wireless Laser Netbook Mouse

Update: fatdogreggie1 says these are rebranded Logitech mice.

You shouldn’t use this as your normal desktop mouse. It’s VERY small. Maybe smaller than you’ve seen before. For general use on a laptop, go for it!

My company recently bought a large number of mice from different manufacturers for different locations in the country.

When it comes to mice name brands really do make a difference. Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo make really sturdy quality mice. Followed closely by Logitech (we’re talking their value mice, Logitech’s gaming mice are top of the line).

Why is this for netbooks? Wouldn’t it work on regular laptops & desktops?

here’s the product website

and a quick start guide

Are these full sized mice or the tiny “portable” type?

Yeah, it definitely would, but I guess it is just designed for mobility like netbooks are. A USB-Mouse will work with any USB port.

Dimensions: 3.26” x 1.81” x 1.34” (L x W x H)

That should give you an idea of the size.

I’ve got a Microsoft wireless mouse with very poor range. I don’t know if it’s interference or what, but it has to be a few feet from the receiver to work. Does anyone know if this is better? I know it says up to 15 feet, but does anyone have firsthand experience?

$16.99 @ Buy.com (via Amazon):


Good deal if you’re buying more than one.

(in for two)

Will it work with Linux?

The black/charcoal is supposed to look like carbon fiber so you can get that light weight street racer look with out the thousand dollar carbon fiber panels or the car.

So this won’t work with Linux?

Better off over at Deals.woot
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000, Red for $18.99 - $7 off promo code = $11.99 with free shipping.

Sorry woot but you beat yourself (LOL)

IF you are a Linux user then you know the answer to that question.

Are you asking a question that you already know the answer to in hopes of getting a quality post?

Here’s a not quite so positive review from a blog:


I’m still thinking about getting one or two.

People will buy any old piece of crap as long as it has an “i” at the beginning of it’s name…

Thank you. I must not read so well at 1AM. :slight_smile:

I just pulled out the measuring tape. My fairly typical mouse measures 4 x 2.3 x 1.3. My smaller (less comfortable one) 4 x 2 x 1.

This mouse sounds like it’s not made for me. :frowning:

RE: People will buy any old piece of gristle as long as it has an “i” at the beginning of it’s name…

I dont know about the quality but, like Belkin and Targus, iHome is a legitimate company. Not just some Excalibur junk with a Apple gimmick.

two issues with your comment:

iHome is a “brand name,” they simply make accessories instead of computers like the other brands you mentioned (save Logitec).

iHome’s quality has improved a lot lately, and I orded three, to replace two $45 dollar Lenovo Bluetooth lazer mice that have primary buttons one must press quite angrily to make them register (which is my usual state of mind while using them anyway (but it makes my finger tired, and more noise than the squeaky Razor Salmosas I got to replace them)), as well as a $60 Logitec Bluetooth mouse that tracks like shit on anything other than a cloth mousepad.

We’re using the same term differently.

I use “Name Brand” as in highly known and regarded.
You’re using the term in reference to who actually makes the products.

We’re both right. It’s good to hear iHome’s quality has improved!