iHome Wireless Laser Netbook Mouse

Enough with the cheap iHome mice!

Is the super-speed wootoff over yet? O_o


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Don’t need it, but better then some of the other crap they have been peddeling.

What makes it a Netbook mouse? The fact that it’s a poc?

Can somebody please tell me how much they sold the blue microphone/webcam for? Thanks

Sweet… a mouse:-/

Apparently you don’t want one of these for gaming…because it’s wireless

Got 2 of these in a previous woot and was surprised how well they worked with my netbook and laptop while I travel!

Hey woot gods how about bring back the touchscreen eee pc… I was taking a pee break and missed it :S

buy 3 so we can get on with the next item. all newbies have to take one for the team :smiley:

This woot-off sucks!!! Selling 1 to 3 of item is ludicrous. I like the old Woot much better!!!

Way to late to convince anyone, but I love this mouse for work. I take my laptop to meetings, and this mouse goes with me in my pocket. It has an on/off switch so the battery life when I am not using it isn’t affected. It also powers itself down and it woken up by pushing a button, not by moving it like a regular mouse.

If I didn’t already have an extra, I would be bummed I missed this one!