iHome Wireless Notebook Mouse

That was definitely worth a two hour wait.

Hmm. Wireless mouse… What if someone was driving by and had the same mouse? Could they control my computer?

That’s not a “nano” USB receiver…

Anyone know the battery life on these?

Eek! A mouse!!!

Works on virtually any surface!

“…” Le sigh.

“We’ve got get supplies”??? Really???

Got one!

It looks like we’re in for a while with this one. There’s likely a whole mess of them (My tracker is predicting at least 999, but then again, Woot’s never been 100% accurate with their sellout percentages)…

Thank goodness for whoever got the last monitor. They took one for the team

19 bucks at walmart

have a similar MS one that’ll go 6 months with sporatic use, 60 days with heavy use.

In 2005 it was.

Whoo…hoo! I have been waiting for one of these since I bought the regular sized one for my home computer.

Love it!

Is this a good mouse?

Does it work fine with a PC laptop?

Thanks in advance for help!

Whatev…they never work.

nice gift for my grandpa and his PC on his TV.

Does this work w/ a Mac???

Definitely not…