iHome Wireless Notebook Mouse

If your home cordless phone is 2.4Ghz, you can use it as a mouse also, as long as you use the included receiver. LOL

No Wootalyzer… guess we’ll all be on the same footing with the F5 key’s today!

Does the not-so-“nano” USB dongle/receiver “mount” to the mouse or does it insert into the mouse?

Duracell, Energizer, Maxell, Sanyo, Fugi, KingPoo, or Sundance Solar?

My first woot for the day. Tried to get in on a couple others. This is the first one that worked for me.

I updated my Wootalyzer and it’s working for me now…

Pretty big dongle you got there.

Damnit. Wootoffs are never on convenient days for me. I have an interview today, and if it makes me miss the boc, I’ll have to hate that job.

Amazon reviews:

Yup. wink There’s no other way! nod

wootalyzer is back up.

Nope…they are flying off the shelf.

Dear woot,

I have not truly wanted anything in the last 3 wootoffs. Please put something up I might like. I have been a good boy all year and I have been nice to my sister too and I love my dog and my parents and I eat most of my vegetables and I take baths.



Come on tripods!! I missed them on the last Woot-Off. I needs me two!

So it looks. I am quite surprised… A $12 mouse (and so many of them too)…

i have a promotion interview today, wish us both luck wooters!

Im in for one, I just bought a new laptop, so this will come in handy for 12 bucks with shipping, why not…forward with this woot-off!