Because not everyone automatically upgrades to the latest and greatest… how about you? Upgrading yet or holding out?


Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

I have a Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S and I like it so much I ordered another and WOOT says it will be here by 10/09. Oh boy I must be crazy to order another just in case something happens to my first one. Oh well I ordered a bluetooth mouse and then I ordered another for the same reason!!

I would like to order the speakers and the bluetooth keyboard BUT I am waiting on others to write here so I can make sure it is a good buy so please anyone who has tried the keyboard PLEASE write and let me know what you think.


Lookie, lookie - the Android one sold out first…

Take note Woot…


I’m sad. The only thing I would have wanted to spend my moneys on.


That keyboard looks like something out of the 80s.


witch one do yall think would be better for listing to music while on a bike ride, since its illegal or not safe to ride around town with headphones on. im torn between
iHome Portable Stereo Rechargeable Alarm Clock FM Radio for iPhone/iPod iP45
iHome Portable Speaker System for iPhone/iPod iP37B

witch one would be better to have like in a backpack and will still play and what not.witch one would be louder??


Its cheaper on Amazon.


You’re gonna need to be a bit more specific there. This thread is about all the items for sale in that event.

In general though, the Plus deals are generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping.


Just bought the portable alarm clock radio on Amazon 1 week ago for $99 – Rats! Anyway it works great with my Ipod Touch 4 – don’t know if it would be good on a motorcycle though!


sorry misread the earlier question – would be good in a backpack (folds up nicely) – don’t know about on a bike.




thx another question about the iHome Portable Stereo Rechargeable Alarm Clock FM Radio for iPhone/iPod iP45

is there any spot for batteries? I mean what happens when the rechargeable ones lose there charge?? it wont be portable anymore?? It would be awesome if i were able to take it out and put new rechargeable ones in.


this question is mostly for people who own it, or to the STAFF since they are the ones selling it, yall should be able to answer my question before it gets sold out or before the sale is over… i would really love to buy one if i were able to change out the batteries… please answer the question above…


Here’s the manual from the iHome Audio site.

Looks like page 4 answers your question.


Yo, check out the manufacturer’s web site for the iP45 user manual or google it.

From that, I understand as follows:

[*] The iHome iP45 has an internal battery for portable operation that charges while the device is connected to mains power. Any docked iPhone or similar will be charged only if the iP45 is running off mains power, not if running of the internal battery. The internal battery is not intended to be replaceable by the user (albeit probably not impossibe).

[*] Further, the iP45 has a standard CR2032 backup battery for clock and alarm purposes so the alarm clock doesn’t fail on you because you forgot to turn off the radio while on the road. The backup battery is user-replaceable.

P.S. Apparently it took me >11 minutes to write this, ThunderThighs beat me to it :slight_smile:



iHome Portable Speaker System for iPhone/iPod iP37B

i read a review for this product in amazon and someone said, warning

"DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE 4… When I place my Iphone 4 in the dock—message came up not compatible – I ignored it & it would play however it would not charge when playing or docked without playing. There were three docking deivces available but none for the IPhone 4—and it says not to put it in without a dock. I called the company support line. Basically the agent could not help me. Kept putting me on hold. Said I would have to go to the Apple store to get the dock—I said the box only says for Iphone G3 & G3S even thought the product information on Amazon.com says compatibale with IPhone 4. She says it was put out before the Iphone 4 came out and has not changed. Bad first experience with IHome products and customer support. Don’t buy if you have an Iphone 4. "

so my question is, have yall(the staff) tried an iphone4 in this particular speaker system?? i mean i would understand that the product doesn’t work well with an iphone4 just b/c the fact it came out way before the iphone 4 did.


Bought it on sale at Target for $29.99 (awesome deal right?), and it’s great. Looks professional and pretty sturdy. Can’t use replaceable batteries with it, so it has to continuously plugged (I think). Haven’t tested the speaker quality much, but the keyboard works great. Looks great and professional on my desk and I’m happy with my buy. There’s two USB ports and they work just fine for charging iPhones and other Android devices (not sure about iPad yet, haven’t tested).

Here’s an amazon link if your looking for it cheaper: