iJOY Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

Need a better price here .
These are only $14.00 at Amazon .

If only these had an over-the-ear clip so I could wear them under my motorcycle helmet!

Thanks! I almost bought them! I guess I haven’t woken up yet.

Do you have a link to the deal you’re looking at?

I bought the Pyle bluetooth ones that sold on Woot and they are over the ear and are better than any ear phones I’ve used as you can walk into the wind and still hear your music. I paid around $39 and was well worth it.

One of several .

Manhandsha ,

I gave you the link -which carry the price of $13.60 to $14.00 for each of these headphones this morning .
Now they all changed up to $22.99.
Is that a coincident or you owe me an explanation here , I don’t want to be the one who gave out BS information here .

No idea; sorry.

I wear these on the bike…wrap them from behind your ear to front

Looked on Amazon they are 22.99

Look at the earlier posts .

I saw the cheap price this morning , came here with the post . Admin asked me for the links , I gave it to her .
An hour later they changed the price on Amazon to $22.99 .
Go figure .

I’m not saying it’s not possible, don’t get me wrong there. All I’m saying is that I had no idea, in fact, I wasn’t even working when it happened. :slight_smile:

Not the same but lots of eCandy headphones. The MAJORITY of the ones I looked at got better then avg ratings. Worth a look…

Head Phones

Prime shipping at that.

Price history… looks like someone realized the deal wasn’t a deal and fixed that.


Amazon owns woot. It should be no surprise that Amazon raised the price so that woot would be lower. Woot is their deals site.

Any info on the quality?
I would really like a set around my neck that didn’t need earbuds. Anyone seen something like that?

I wear the LG Tone version of these under my helmet. They stay in my ears good. Surprisingly I can make and receive calls. The person on the other end claims they can hear me fine. I have a fairing with very loud pipes. Not sure about these; but the LG version has noise cancelling which I believe cuts out the wind and exhaust noise. I’ve tried several things outside the expensive bike specific ones and these are the best!
Wish Woot had more dealios for motorcycles!

Classy Amazon. Raising the price of the item on the main site so woot has it at what Amazon had it yesterday. But you pay shipping here.


It may surprise you to learn that we, nor Amazon, can control the price of third party sellers.