iJOY Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

I have a 1st gen LG Tone, so I can’t speak to the product itself, but the ergonomics of this form factor is weird. I have a 17" neck, and it feels like wearing a tie, sans the cravat over the adam’s apple. However,it does stay on better than more conventional BT headphones.

TT is correct (or would be, with the insertion of the “neither” that was omitted from her post). I believe she meant to say “neither we, nor Amazon, can control the price of third party sellers.”

These are for sale on amazon - by iJoy, a third-party seller. Amazon is not selling them - iJoy (the manufacturer) has just listed their product on Amazon.

Amazon calls this a “third party seller” - meaning Amazon is processing the order, but is not supplying or shipping the product. It’s very similar to listing a product on ebay - they collect the money from the buyer, but you set the price, change the price, and ship the item. Ebay has nothing to do with the pricing or shipping.

It seems like once these appeared on woot, someone at iJoy realized they were undercutting woot, and raised the price.

That may be kinda slimy, but it’s not Amazon’s fault, and doesn’t reflect poorly on Amazon.

Anyone know whether these headphones will interface with Pandora for skipping tracks and pause/play? Specifically for IOS, but Android compatibility would be good to know.

Did anyone else notice the description on amazon has this in point 3? “PERFECT DESIGN - We’ve redesigned the LG Tone to make LIFE’S ESSENTIAL AUDIO SOLUTION FOR LIFE ON THE GO”

Nothing says knockoff more than including the real product in the description :slight_smile:

not that this is a surprise though.

Does this work with the Apple Watch?

FYI, since Amazon now owns Woot, it’s a sure bet, they increased the price to drive the sales to the Woot site, versus you getting it for the same price plus free shipping. I have a feeling you are a prime member. Capitalism at it’s simplest.

//heavy sigh

Read above. It’s being sold by a 3rd party company. Neither we, nor Amazon, can control the pricing of another company. The lower priced ones probably sold out.

yeah, this.

But I already got my pitchfork out!


What do you expect me to do with this thing now!?

Start pitchin’ the hay. That stuff isn’t gonna get into the barn on it’s own.

no doubt amazon would contact 3rd party and request price change *if that were the case

corporate bs

*yeah right lmfao/“trust us”

That would be like Amazon calling Walmart and asking them to lower their price.

They provide a site for 3rd parties to sell their product and help with inventory/shipping. Other than that, it’s the other party’s business.

Got these the other day. I bought them for running and they really have good sound. They do tend to block outside noise well, so use caution for running/walking.

I got these the other day. Was able to charge them once. They will not charge again. Cable works with other products. But cannot get the headphones to hold a charge after the first one. If it wouldn’t cost a small fortune to replace them in terms of shipping them back, I’d return them for an exchange but I’m gonna call it lesson learned. Will not order this brand again. Looks like the charging port on the headset itself is bad. (sigh)

I’m sorry for the problem. Have you contacted iJoy? If not, contact them. If you don’t get a reasonable resolution, then contact our customer service and explain what they offered.