iJOY Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

I just got mine yesterday. I gotta say, I’ve bought some products that were a let down, but these take the cake. First thing I noticed was the horrible sound quality, but I thought for $12 it was to be expected. Then I put my phone in my pocket. That’s when the music cut out. These literally have a range of about 12". They are now stored in my trashcan.

Sorry to hear man or in your case not hear I guess… Thanks for the heads up stopped me from wasting cash.

I bought an orange pair of these a while back and they have served me pretty well for running. My wife tried them and now they have become hers… So I’m going to try these again. Really for $12, it’s worth a try. They do isolate outside sound well and the sound quality isn’t Bose Studio quality, but I’m not willing to have my $250 headset end up covered with sweat.

Sorry for your bad experience but consider it taking one for the team. Your review has saved the rest of us from disappointment and wasted money… Thank you.

Mine just arrived. The sound quality isn’t the best, but they sound fine overall, and I have no problems with range or bluetooth. Maybe because I charged mine before using them?

Edit: Interestingly, the connection was flawless on my phone, but crackled for about 5 minutes on my PC before stabilizing and working flawlessly throughout an hour of anime.

Mine seemed pretty good. I like the extra controls - separate forward/back and volume, and answer and pause, and the sound quality was nice, with good strength and exclusion.
Then I used it on a call. The microphone’s unuseable. Very weak, muffled, and distorted. So … ok, it’s mostly so I don’t have to deal with wires. Leave the phone on the desk and flip the audio selector from bluetooth to the phone itself when I have to talk. Now in the third day of having it, it just goes silent on calls. Not a disconnect - just doesn’t give me the audio. Flip from ijoy to iphone and back and it works again for a minute or so. This seems to be a problem only with the non-phone audio. I note before this failure, the stupid voice would scream “call disconnected” at me while listening to podcasts a few minutes after ending a call, so I think it’s a software glitch. As long as it keeps working for this, I may not send it back, since based on your comments, I got one of the few “good” ones. :[

These work great for listening to audio on my phone such as music or audibooks. BUT when I have an incoming call, the audio cuts out, and has a little tone to let me know of the incoming call (this is not the problem). The problem is when I press the answer button on the headphones, the call is not being transmitted through the headphones, I have to pick the phone up and use it like a regular phone call. Nothing that I have tried will allow me to use the headphones for phonecalls. When the call is over, the headphones go right back to transmitting the audiobook.