iJOY LOGO BT Neckband Headphones - 2Pk

bought these on woot about a year ago. I also bought Motorola in a similar design at the same time. THe Ijoy worked well but a bit more clunky than the Motorola. I like that they vibrate when the phone rings. at about 6 months the left bud stopped working and about 8 months the right stopped . The Motorolas continue to work. At the price its probably worth it for an 8 month headset.

“We designed the LOGO Neckband so that it’s an extension of your own body…”

Yeah, this is utter horseshit. “They” didn’t design a damned thing; this is a clone of the HBS-730 headset, as produced to varying levels of quality by a mob of different Chinese manufacturers and appearing under a wide array of weird, poorly-chosen brand names you’ve never heard of. The plastics are copied (in some cases quite poorly) from those in the LG original, and so you’ll see subtle differences here and there from one “brand” to the next – and of course the electronics are only superficially similar to what’s in the real thing. I can’t say anything specific about “iJoy” but I’ve owned a few of these with other names (or no name at all), and they’re pretty basic.

The honest approach to selling these would focus pretty much entirely on price. $8.50 apiece is not too bad.

$9.99 on Groupon right now. Curious as the deal runs out at midnight on Groupon too.

This deal is for a 2-pack. Groupon is only selling one individually.

Do these have a mic too? or are they strictly earbuds. I know it says you can stream music with your phone in your pocket, but can you take phone calls that way?

Yep, this will take phone calls!

Yes, the mic is by the LOGO word.

How’s the sound quality? I mean, I know they’re cheap price-wise, but I’ve had ultra cheap earbuds that sounded good and some that sounded atrocious. I never believed it was possible to make earbuds with sound quality that was unlistenable until I bought a pair at Big Lots for five bucks. Though the dollar store earbuds worked decently.

I bought these. They are not great. They are simply OK. Battery life lasts maybe an hour. The mic quality is bad. But if you are looking for a cheap pair of headphones, these are for you.