iJoy Virtual Reality Glasses Headset (2-Pack)


$4.99 on amazon

Thanks for the heads up, even has free one day shipping.

Woot should give away this products with $5 shipping lol

Now 6.99 on Amazon. No free 1 day shipping. 9 left.

And now 9.99 on Amazon for one with free shipping (though not one day), which comes to 19.98 for two (since this is a 2-pack) so same as this deal. If you only need one, go that way, if you need 2, whatever.

Now showing $9.99 on Amazon w/ free ship. Maybe we’re seeing different sellers. The one I see right now is being sold by Pranx.

The real question though is, is it even worth buying at this price? I see a lot of these super cheap cell phone based VR headsets, but I don’t know if any of them are any good.

Yet another “deal” from Woot @ twice the price ! Sad.

Hey Guys,

The Amazon listing is for $14.99 on a one pack:


This is by all means a deal!


And now $24.99 on Amazon. Hmmm…

Once Amazon raises the price to $50 each, I’ll buy from Woot. Until then, these just don’t seem to be a great value:)


We’ve lowered the price! Not to $12.99. Not to $9.99. We’ve lowered it all the way to $4.99 for a 2-pack! We’re gonna blow these things out!

If you already purchased, that money will hope back into your pocket soonish!!!

Mine arrived, but my Zenfone 2 5.5" screen doesn’t fit properly. The tray in which you slide the phone in doesn’t have a retaining lip or edge to retain the phone on one side. There is a hook like edge on the other side attached to a spring loaded plate that slides up and down, but it doesn’t extend far enough to reach the top and grab the edge of the screen.
This causes it to EJECT my phone as soon as I let go of it.

I can force it in, but not without scrapping one side of the screen against the headset.
This head set may work better with a thinner maybe smaller screen phone.