IK Gadgets, OK?

Specs for the cables in the $30 “IK Multimedia IP-ILINE-KIT-IN iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit

So I like the idea of the iRig Stomp. However, I’m unclear on whether it comes with a free copy of AmpliTube, or just works with AmpliTube:Free. This is a much better deal if it comes with a $20 app than if it requires the purchase of a $20 app for full functionality. Anyone own it and know?

How is the iRig for ‘iOS or Android’ when all the apps are iOS only?

Apple and Android have the same headphone jacks, so all the gadgets with 1/8" plugs should work with both platforms. You’ll need to find other apps, but anything that can record from an external mic should work just fine.

Isn’t android open source? Just find a program online or write your own.

These are definitely NOT for Android.

I have one of these adapters (different brand, exact same thing).

For those wondering about software… just buy Garageband, you probably wont touch the other apps after that. Its cheap and includes a TON of amps/speaker/mic combos, plus you can record with multi track recording. Its really pretty cool. You an even have it sync up with other iOS devices and control them during a band session.

You CAN however download the free versions of each of the various adapter’s apps… I downloaded them all even though I only had a certain brand. They all worked fine.

It just picks up the MIC’s line in, and has no way of knowing what you actually plugged into it. It will just process whatever you plug in.

We were playing with mic’s guitars, bass, keyboards ,etc all on the same adapter. Garage band is nice because it has more than just guitar effects, where as the device specific apps are pretty much guitar only.

These are a pretty good deal though… last I checked (earlier this year) Just one of the apps, with ALL of it’s addon packs (on sale) ran about $60 + the $30 (or whatever you paid for it) adapter. That’s cheaper than just ONE multi-effects pedal, and these can do multiple effects at a time.

I know a lot of people hate digital effects, and are all bent on getting analog this or that, but for someone goofing around at home or with friends, these sound AMAZING. You can browse around online and find the “recipe combos” or whatever you want to call it of what settings to use to make your guitars sounds exactly like certain artists’s guitars.

Good stuff!

I highly recommend one of these for the cheap asking price.

And before anyone gets into android blah blah… as of last year (things may have changed) Android, the operating system, not the platform, was incapable of doing real time data processing of a live input. Believe me, I tried and tried…that’s why there are NO devices or apps for stuff like this for android.

Thx for the info. Posting in these forums is often thankless.

Would really like to see Woot offer some quality musical equipment. Pyle just does not offer quality. Maybe Ibanez or Fender…

I have several IK devices and they all come with the “free” version, not the $20.00 paid version.

Newbie learning guitar here. Can anyone easily explain the differences between the iRig HD Studio, Stompbox, and $19.99 Guitar Interface adapter?

Wondering which of the three to buy…

Many thanks in advance!

It works with the free version. It does not include the paid version. Hope that helps.

Great post! Very thorough. Much appreciated.

Great post! Very thorough. Much appreciated.

I have the iRig Mix and I love it. Fits into a laptop bag, and packed with cool features. NOT for professional DJs, but fantastic for playing around and house parties! I paid twice this amount, too!

Oh, I use an iPhone 5 and an older iPad together, and it’s easy and fun. Give yourself time to learn the features and you’ll get more out of it. :slight_smile:

My suggestion: Buy the $19.99 one. I started with the simplest one, and have tried a few different things, but it does everything you need.

Seems to be a lot of complaints about noise with that version. I’m going with the HD one.

Does anyone know if this keyboard will interface with Finale music editing software as a midi keyboard input device?

I own IK’s StealthPedal and PC software. Their amp and pedal virtual modelling is really the best in the business with very accurate and complex response. It helps cure your gadget lust, too–no more wondering “What would this sound like with a wah pedal?” and then buying one. Just try it out.

The quality of both the hardware and the software is exceptional. Highly recommended.

I own one. It will actually work with all iOS recording apps. The downside is that it uses the the headphone jack for i/o, and it is very noisy in comparison to using a digital i/o device through the charge port (30-pin or Lightning). You will need a pretty hefty noise gate pedal in your chain, which means good-bye to any decent sustain. That being said-- this device is well worth the 33 bucks BUT-- this kind of hefty discount usually signifies a V2 coming out soon.