Ikon MFI Metal Coil Lightning Cable - 3 Pack

how long are they

One meter.

Anyone have any experience with these things’ lifespan?? Im looking for a cord to keep in my laptop bag which gets a decent amount of plugging and unplugging as I travel. I also sometimes leave my computer as a backup battery for my phone and keep it plugged in while inside my bag which cant be good for my ports… Bottom line is I know I am not gently on my cords, but I would love it if they would last a few months- otherwise Ill keep buying what I consider to be disposables on other cheaper places.

I now have that experience. Jan 9 to feb 25. superficially, they seem to be very robust, but inside, where it counts, they’re no more robust than the standard apple cables… I’d venture to say less so, mitigated only by the sheath. “Ikon” - another company to ignore.