Il Donato Vino Rosso Case

Il Donato Vino Rosso Case
$89.99 $208.00 57% off List Price
2011 Il Donato Vino Rosso
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1st Question:
Do you sniff the screw cap or do you lick it or both? I was always taught that you put screw caps up to your ear and listen carefully…

Sniff, Lick & Listen?

2nd Question:
Are these random case wines good and if so how good compared to an identically priced bottle at Trader Joe’s or Sam’s/Costco? Does it wind up being the Same “Stuff”/Different Day or is it better to buy one of these cases?

$5 less this time but $3 more in shipping so it’s pretty much a wash.

Ack! No Ohio.

It’s a Sebastiani & Sons wine, none of them ship to OH. They’ve expanded so much in the last few years that it is no longer legal for them to sell to OH except through distributors. Ohio doesn’t allow out of state wineries that produce over 250,000 gallons per year to sell directly to Ohio consumers.

Fortunately, most of the wine.woot offers DO ship to Ohio with some notable exceptions being Don & Sons, Atlas Peak, Geyser Peak and Pacific Rim.

Color: deep ruby red.
Nose: smells like a winery; oak, chocolate, a little tar.

Palate: More oak, heavy tannins, licorice, not fruity

Balance: I though it was too tanniny. Husband felt it was a little on the acidic side

Finish: long lasting finish of tannins and oak. Not what I would call a complex wine. More of a one note.
Then we tried it with steak…didn’t come over any more complex.

I rated it ‘ok’. My husband likes tannins more than me, so he rated it ‘nice’.

So for the price…well…it’s up to you! We’re not in for another case.

Wow, I have had such a different reaction to this wine (which I’ve already purchased a couple of times, and am likely to buy again today). I would not enjoy a wine that was so heavily oaky and tannic as you described – I tend toward the lighter, fruitier reds. (I don’t have notes, but I wonder if I’m really that oblivious that I would have missed a very tannic wine?) I’d agree with your husband’s comment that it’s a bit acidic. In my experience it works well alongside roast chicken, red-sauce dishes, olives, stuff like that. It’s true that it’s not particularly complex, but if it’s complexity you’re looking for, I don’t think it’s to be had at this price point. (Which reminds me, I gotta check out that Ty sale over in Plus!)

In the spirit of the write-up, trying out my pidgin Italian: Mi piace molto questo vino.

Regarding tannins, everyone’s gotta different take on this. Some really notice it some don’t. The other poster may just have a different palate. I enjoy big wines and those often come with big tannins. I probably wouldn’t find them noticeable in this wine either.

But that’s the funny thing – I tend not to be the “big tannins” type – I wouldn’t ordinarily pop open a “big” red for my casual enjoyment. I’m more of a balanced-tannins kind of wineau. So I don’t think that explains it.

Makes me want to open one tonight and reassess… I might just do that!

Me too!! Wish we had some left…I’m more of a ‘like the fruit’ wine drinker too.

I think I have one or two left in the house, and another one here in the office. I can’t stop thinking about it now… maybe a little pop ‘n’ pour, a few notes, a little more after it’s opened up, a few more notes, and then use the rest for some nice tinto de verano – the first of the season. After that, who cares about the tannins?

Friday night, yay!

Which grape varieties were used to make this wine ?

I gather this was disclosed in a vintner voicemail during the January sale (which should be findable via Cesare’s link to the past sale, though I haven’t looked for it). This poster says it’s 85% Primitivo and 15% Sangiovese

This is a fantastic value. ideal daily quaffer. QPR in spades, IMO

Tannins can mean different things to different people. When I note tannins I am referring to:

  1. pluckering and drying out feeling in the roof of my mouth (sometimes sides); OR

  2. stem tannins that make a wine bitter; OR

  3. when a wine tastes like a twig

Am I completely off?

Thanks for the tinto de verano link…I see that in my future tonight too! Do you add rum?

No, just the wine does a pretty good job! It’s funny, maybe because I’m drinking it faster than I would straight-up red wine, but it goes to my head pretty fast (must be the bubbles!) Adding more booze to it would be overkill, IMO.

Can you post the fresh notes please? And if possible, before 10:00 eastern time?

Also thanks for the tinto de verano idea. I now see a future for the 1/2 bottle of 3 Wine Men cab in the fridge.

Even if I do nothing more than this, I feel I have served my fellow Wooters well today.

I do intend to carry out the tasting plan, and would post notes early on, before the festivities proceed too far for me to type effectively. But the decision as to what we drink tonight does not rest on me alone, so no promises. (Though I do think I can make a strong case that it would pair well with takeout Peruvian chicken.)

I should note that I first bought this in the January sale Cesare linked, and then happened to catch it early one morning in Feb during a wootoff. Split the orders with various friends (ranging from middling-Merlot lovers to fans of assertive Cabs) – FWIW, nobody who’d tasted it in Jan. refused a bottle in Feb.