Il Donato Vino Rosso Case

Il Donato Vino Rosso Case
$91.99 $220.00 58% off List Price
2011 Il Donato Vino Rosso
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Several wooters posted notes in the 7/25/14 offer.

Why does this say it retails for $220? According to this, it’s not such a deal:

I’ve broken into my third case of this wine (bought one case initially and then went in for another two). It is very decent, some tannins and a bit of structure that were surprising at this price. Great QPR, IMO.

I had it as our everyday drinker for several months and my wife eventually got bored with it. If I don’t let her see the bottle & pour her a glass, she’ll happily drink it. I’m sitting on this last case for awhile longer, I won’t be buying more this time. It’s definitely a great value!

No Ohio?! Agh!

The price listed is the SRP. What you will find at retail will be generally lower.

[hr]NEW STATES[hr]

Greetings Wooters!

Notice that TN, GA, WI, & MN have been added to today’s sale!

All rejoice!

Excellent. I’ve been jealously stalking w.w. since WI was put on hiatus. Though my local wine guy didn’t mind that I had to buy more from him. Is WI back just for this particular offering, or does it depend on the winery?

These states are added back but availability will always depend on the licensing of the winery.

Congrats to WD and all the previously disenfranchised wine.wooters from those states!


Holy cow–there goes the NotSureWhoToBlameIWBM! Minnesota is back! I say thank you WD! Not sure what my hubby will have to say about boxes of wine showing up again.

a good day indeed. we missed you!

The offering says “shipping included.” But when I went to purchase, Amazon is charging $10. What is the story?

Never mind – Amazon had pushed the expedited shipping button. Sorry.

Sorry, we had the shipping info in the wrong order and it was selecting summer shipping as the default. We’ve fixed it now.

UPDATE: Iron Horse sales have been updated for the new states!

Oh, darn. Now that Minnesota is back on the list, I need to exercise self control, and that never works out well.

It certainly was much easier to make a decision when you didn’t have a choice wasn’t it?

Which means I have to buy! (again, finally)

even snooth average price is $10.50, and that does NOT include shipping. This is $7.67 SHIPPED. So, unless you are local to NJ and that one store is convenient, this is still a deal. (and no tax for me @ woot)